Sunday, October 23, 2005

Quiet Sunday 2

Alison and I talked about possible sculptures for me to make from the lamp. We talked about how bottom heavy the lamp is. She pointed out that this is good from a not-falling-over standpoint as well as a not-getting stolen standpoint. This reminded me of the birdbath we had back at the Big Blue House in Georgia. (and Aubrey, running around it).
I awoke one morning to discover it missing. Someone had actually stolen the birdbath right out of our front yard. Go figure. Bastards! So I bought another birdbath. A big one. A solid one that required three grunting, sweating men to move it from the back of a truck to the spot in the middle of the flowers. A couple of months went by, then one morning, we awoke to find the top of the birdbath about a yard from the bed, and the bottom at the end of a rut, the result of dragging it several yards across the lawn. It had been abandoned there, and scrawled on it in black marker, the word “BICH.” I have to wonder, if this dude had stayed in school and learned to spell, if he’d be trying to steal someone’s “fuking burdbath?”

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