Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 135

The first kitty to be born is the first to open her eyes. We'll be watching them all weekend, for sure.

It's Saturday morning. When I open my eyes, I remember that Spencer isn't here, and all that goes with. I don't cry. I've cried enough. What's here is sadness. What's gone is the weight of dread. But not the weight of worry for him. That may take some time and willpower. Tough love is tough on both the giver and the receiver. I have to let go and he has to find his way.
Lesson learned.

This weekend I will spend with Orion, tying up loose ends, sending poppets out to collectors waiting. My art is my livelihood and I am surviving. I call that success, but I couldn't do it without those who've given homes to so many of my creations. I'm deeply grateful to each of you. I'll keep making things that make you think and smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

It's Saturday morning and Soosi, good mother that she is, has begun to play again. She's a young mother, and it's good to see her bat a toy around. I don't want her to lose the ability to play. We never should.

It's Saturday morning and I don't know when I'll play again, but in my heart of hearts I know that I will.

It's Saturday morning and my eyes are a little more open.


spacedlaw said...


Susan said...

In Coming Around Again, Carly Simon sings "There's more room in a broken heart". Not particularly cheering, but it's always struck me as Wise and True.
Hugs from me, too.

crydwynn said...

I miss Saturday morning cartoons. Poor Wile E. Coyote and "Kill da wabbit!", etc.

But I've come to appreciate "The Mighty Boosh" as a lovely and completely silly show to watch on Saturday mornings. Maybe a bit too grown up for Orion.

Don't know where this randomness came from.

Have a good weekend and thanks for all the amazing art!

Neon said...

thinking about you Lisa and sending all my love xx

lisa said...

Thank you, so much, each of you, from the places so much bigger inside than out, where the true meaning of such things as friends can be found.
The wv is 'reptiond.' It's the fulcrum point where one stops repeating patterns, steps off the wheel, is forgiven
is free.