Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 126

Yesterday I worked on a book project.

Last night, Soosi, aka "the soosi balloon," went into labor.

Now there are seven very small creatures that look only sort of like cats.

Each is different from every other, though in some ways, exactly the same.

By the end, Soosi was very tired and needed some help.
This is number 7, new in package.

I'm honored and grateful to have been here for this.

Soosi with her Seven.

After school, Orion meets kitty #2. We decided naming should wait until eyes are open and personalities revealed. And because Bilbo turns out to be a girl.

This mama and chicks were crossing our street in the middle of the day, heading for the ponds and grass nearby. I love the first one. He was really into the marching thing.

And here is Aubrey as a tot, because I felt oddly compelled to end this post with early Aubrey. When we know creatures from their beginnings, we tend to see them as mosaics of all the versions of themselves we've ever known. It makes for a rich and complex sense, true of creatures human and not.

Your artist is very tired. G'night.


Poe said...

Congrats on the babies! Such lovely pictures. I just received a new boy kitty Wednesday night, "JagerMeister", which is Master Hunter. This little fella is living up to his name in a house with a pitbull, a poodle and a cat. He'll eventually have to throw down the law outside with the turkeys, guineas and chickens. It will be a great adventure for all of us.

Carrie said...


Eliana said...

God bless your family and your small little pets!

crydwynn said...

Kitten still in package looks so cool. If cool can also mean awe-inspiring, humbling and amazing. All bundled up in a little kitteh. How fitting!

spacedlaw said...

Maybe Bilbo was always a girl...
What a bundle of cuteness.