Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 132

Flight at Dawn

Little is known about the history of poppets. Much of their story remains a mystery. I slowly piece it together from glimpses they offer. We know they're older than the Earth, that they call themselves something else and that their connection to humans began because of something to do with the crows.

There's more, of course, but this is the part, the beginning of the 'us' (humans and poppets,that is) that inspired the 'Dawn' painting and this sculpure. The book will come later- if it does -hopefully before the end of me.

Aubrey took this photo of three maidens dancing. Summer solstice will be here soon and hey, the rapture happened and we're still here. Son = Sun. Same, samey, same. Calls for dancing. Silly humans.

Here is the wedding cake under the Alice in Wonderland - themed poppet wedding topper. Cool-ass cake, for sure.

Kitten update. Their eyes aren't quite open yet, but soon. You'll be happy to hear that Soosi is proving to be an excellent mother. She was antsy and protective today, so we kept 'Kitteh Hall' very quiet and private.

And finally, your artist et al is going through a breakup. Everyone is behaving with as much grace and courtesy as possible. It's very good to have that. But difficult all the same. I continue to work because I must meet practical needs. In turn, the work supports me spiritually and keeps me centered. Poppets help me keep a longer view. Silly humans. And so do you. Thank you for being here, fellow travelers. I have sons, daughters, little dancers and kittens. And always my companion, work. Sadness comes in turns, like seasons and flu. Must be mine, again.



Melissa P said...

Thinking of you and wishing you strength and grace under all the pressures. Take care of our artist.

I like Flight at Dawn. It seems to be heavy with meaning.

Poppets are showing up in strange places here. I think it's a good sign.

spacedlaw said...


Flight of Dawn is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Flight at Dawn is amazingly beautiful.
As for the other stuff - I'm thinking of you. I know that you, like poppets, are bigger on the inside, that will get you through. *long distance hugs*

Poe said...

The only way through anything, is, well, through it.
Be strong my friend.

Drinne said...

I'm sorry about the breakup - but glad about the grace.

You and I however are coming up on our 3rd Anniversary. Balticon is coming up and therefore the Anniversary of Meeting Lisa's Art; as it's referred to here at the House.

I'm there again this year Liaisoning for all the live people instead of the single ghost.

Such a different year than the two years before it.

I've been quiet this year - but Poppets have been finding their way here all through the year despite that. They're patiently waiting for me to get back to building. The sushi restaurant is only just underway.

Solstice is a good time to start building again maybe?

DavidK said...

The silhouetting in the crow/poppet sculpture picture is wonderfully effective - beautiful art on lots of levels.

I hope your art can carry you through the rough spots. Like a leaf floating down a cool clear creek when it goes over some burbly spots will twist and bob and spin, but glides through nonetheless.

Thanks for the update on the kittens - Alia's following them with interest.

Carrie said...

a beautiful post, a stunning sculpture :)
Much love and strength, namaste xx

Carl V. said...

Flight at Dawn is just gorgeous, and I love the way you've photographed it. Reminds me of those childhood dreams of wanting to fly.