Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 128

Last night I worked late on a crow piece. I didn't clean up after myself. Usually I do. At the end of the day I'll sweep up and put things away. I was tired. But the vibe was really good. The energy of the work lingered in the room even after I was spent. I could feel it. Maybe you can see it.

I usually use this room only for poppets and smaller pieces, but the windows were open and the air felt good.

I stayed for hours.

Gene Wolfe photo is by Mimi Ko

Crow piece in progress. All day the first layers dried in the sun so for the night I could start putting on the surface, applying individual 'feathers' cut from card stock and layered with paper mache paste brushed on to add strength and texture.

Soosi snuggles.

And now it's Saturday. I'll sweep up, mix new paste and start again. Hope yours is good.


Carl V. said...

This is looking so fantastic. And of course the project feels so timely considering I just finished reading Crow Girls by Charles de Lint a few hours before popping over here.

lisa said...

I also love 'Somplace to be Flying.' I suspect Charles loves crows as I do. I hope to work with him on one of the Strange books. I should get in touch with him. He seemed very interested last time we spoke. Everyone I know seems to be running way too fast lately.

Carl V. said...

I know what you mean. I feel like everyone, myself included, is moving like the Energizer Bunny only without the energy. A Strange book with de Lint would be incredible.