Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pics from AVAM weekend

Still catching up, but here are the photos Nora and I managed to get of the AVAM 15th Anniversary activities and various moments between.

The flight out was The Red Tree, by Caitlin Kiernan. I especially appreciated Caitlin's voice here, rereading passages more than once, for edges both sharp and silky. I hope to work with Caitlin soon.

Baltimore skies.

I could say a lot about the museum, but it's already done here. So I'll say only that it's playful in layers and levels. It made me want to make things to play on, and more.
out front, raincoat, clever bus with unfortunate fowl.

mosaics offer twisted reflections.

This artist (will add link) talks about the motorcycle she and her husband made from great junk.
Press makes the Ticket Taker nervous. "One crime at a time," he says. I'm not convinced.
The docents were wonderfully tolerant of the artists. They gave us bagels, but no forks. They know better.
Rides. Art. Machines, systems, dynamics, humans, physics, coffee. It's always something.

Poppet informs us that, though it was interesting to see two humans jump into action, climb over furniture and contort themselves to get this shot, this is not, in fact, The Favorite Hat. The Favorite Hat remains a mystery.

Harold, sleeps one off on Nora's deck. Give him a break. As squirrels go, he's fairly dependable.

Beak kisses are different from lip kisses, but good in their own way. Thyme gave me kisses. I gave him ice cream.
Nora and I visited Howard and Jane Frank. We had a lovely dinner and great conversation. They are charming and engaging as always and we ended up with just this one photo of 'Cutie Pie' (a bit of Rocky in the blue) because after a while, the camera was forgotten in the company.
The child in me cannot pass up a forced perspective. Still, the strangest thing about this photo is the sign (click to enlarge) announcing karaoke bowling.

Everything about this photo works for me.

Center position. An honor and a suck.
Nora's look of striking satisfaction.
Falling leaves, cool air, gurgling streams far from the desert.

So good to spend real time with my 'sister.'

I meet Ravynesque, who shyly introduces me to Gallant.

And then, I spot Zane. Handsome, handsome Zane.

Not sure we got each other's jokes,

but he did kiss me goodbye.

Exhibit night. Very little time for photos, but Nora managed to get a few.

John Cmar and Laura Burns. Reconsidering the whole bang thing. I look a bit like Katey Sagal's less interesting sister.

Rebecca Hoffberger, Matt Groening and Gary Panter.

Some of my work in the exhibit:

I love the egg. The egg wobbles.

Mimi Ko. So very happy to see her, not nearly enough time.

Same for Adrienne Reynolds (below) and Joe Ward. (Please send photos!)

And Nora and me, well after midnight.

There were other friends there, including Joe and Rebecca Bushong-Taylor. Was so lovely to see them, I hope photos of them from other cameras will be added soon.


Dan Guy said...

I never could find a time for the opening on the AVAM website. I can't believe I missed all of you. =(

Dragonsally said...

Is that a stink bug on Poppet's head?

Looks like you both had a wonderful time.

ravyn said...

Dan Guy, it is my secret mission to entice Lisa to come back before the exhibit closes in Sept. But before then, i want to organize at least one group trip, sponsored/organized through BSFS.

Sally, yes that IS a stinkbug on Poppet's head! i am very lucky that i have not had the same level of infestation that others in my area have had. i just get a few in the house every day.