Saturday, October 23, 2010

I am here. And you.

Oct 21
Morning. Signing the bottoms of Poppets. Catching up, finally, with orders waiting for my return from Baltimore, sending some out with apologies and gifts to wonderfully patient collectors. The light is interesting today through the remainder of storm clouds drifting away en masse, like some grand exodus. Giants fleeing the sun that, glaring, reminds us that we circle round it. Drawn to this brilliance that governs us and sustains us, knowing it will someday consume us.
Sheesh. Must everything be a story? The words are a ringing bell today.
The noise.
The Noise.
Right. The words we humans mutter to ourselves at the rate of 300 to 1000 per minute. Oh yes. We do.
Is this madness? The short answer, MOO.

ok. just kidding. It's Mu, or something like it. The answer to a Zen koan that can't be answered simply. Because the question of madness can't easily be answered with a yes or no.

I don't know how many of my peers fight the endless mental drivel. Artists, writers, other creative types of humans tend to be isolated from others of the same ilk. Who has the time for comparing notes? If we have time, we're creating, because of or in spite of the endless chatter in our heads. So I don't know if other creatives struggle with this flood of thoughts and ideas that won't let up. And I don't care, because what difference would it make?

So I'm painting poppets and thinking about them fondly, knowing that I won't be spending many more days like this one.

Scared? You bet.

Saturday--whatever date this is--23rd? right. I copied the entry above word for word from my notebook. Would've scanned it but asking you to read the handwriting would just be cruel. True, it sounds a little cryptic. I don't mean to, it's just the way I write notes. I copied it here because I wanted you to be with me as I make this change, for good or worse. After all, that's why I started writing here, isn't it?
Trips to Madcon and to the museum ate up the month and I came home knowing that I'd turned a corner. It's time to work on books. I'm clearing the way now. I've just put a lot of art on Ebay. What doesn't sell there will be sent out to convention shows. I'll be putting more art up, clearing the space in my painting studio (which became a catch-all for art) and space in my head.
It's been over seven years since I made the first Poppet. I know! I can't believe it myself! But there it is. It's time to explore their 'bigger inside than out.'
I hope, I hope, I hope you'll come with me.

Poppet collectors---
Don't worry. I'll still make Poppets, just not so many at once. There will also be prints and other art. So much waiting patiently for me while I make Poppets all day.
I can't make Poppets all day any more.
Later Poppets are very likely to come back in force, though not so many will have my signature on the bottoms. That's actually good news for your Poppets. They will be extra special.

I'm stepping off. This is a leap of faith for sure. I don't know what's coming, just that something is. It's the real-time, here and now, without the perspective that time will allow. I don't know what lessons will be learned. I may fail miserably. I may find something astounding. But I'm turning this corner now. Later on maybe I'll look back at this entry and hopefully, you will be there and...

(you know what I'm going to say) it will be like time travel.

My stat counter hasn't worked in forever. I have no idea if there are 20 or 200 of you. But thank you. I said I'd keep you posted along the way through thick and thin. (another soup metaphor. Told you--you can't beat a soup metaphor.) I'll do my best.

That said. the first thing Poppets told me is that it all started with the Crows.
Secretly, it feels like, maybe, I knew that all along. Hmm. Maybe you did too.

warm wishes to you, dear friends, and g'night.

As promised, prints are available now, on Etsy.


Melissa P said...

I'll be here reading and watching and wishing miracles for you on your journey. For there will be miracles. Some will be minor--the fluidity of thought which takes you faster and farther than you expected, the grace of a quiet moment when the voices are stilled with wonder at things even they did not know existed. Some may be major. Throughout it all we, your readers, will bear witness to your process and your journey. And we will be the better for having shared something, however vicariously, of the twisting and turning. Thank you for the glimpses you share along the way.

Diandra said...

Which reminds me to get myself another poppet as a birthday present... I guess they're addictive.

Good luck with your ways, wherever they may take you!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting years for you to go around this corner Lisa. You know we love the poppets but you should be a writer too :) It's going to be brilliant! Hurrah!!!


cmw said...

Oh, I'll miss Poppets yes, but best of luck with your new adventure.

lisa said...

Melissa: you seem to have a gift for helping me understand my own words better. Thank you.

spacedlaw said...

Best of luck.

J.W.B. said...

Probably one of my new favorite posts from you. And I have seen many in my journeys through the blog, collecting poppet pictures. I'm on board. And I can't wait to see what's to come. Weather it be poppets or writing, if it's from you I'm sure it'll be great.
There is no escaping the endless chatter you speak of. I call it a gift and a curse, hyperactive imaginations. And I'm happy and glad to able to say I have been with the Poppets for what? One and a half years of the seven I think. If I ever get to meet Mr. Gaiman I'm thanking him for posting about the Graveyard book Poppets. Good luck! Can't wait to see what's to come around this corner. And thank you for sharing. These posts help me to understand what the heck being an artist of any form is all about and to help move forward.

Neon said...

Lisa I cant tell you how much joy your art brings me! I have a wonderful collection of poppets and love them all dearly, they are extra special little works of art! I really appreciate your openess in discussing your art and your life- I check the blog every day and follow your journey as I am making my own way in the world.

No matter what you do and make in the future I will be reading, watching, supporting and hopefully buying for as long as you are making and sharing.

thank you so much
Jess x

Stacey said...

First thing: Did you see the PBS Nature show on crows last night? It was wonderful!

Second thing: I can never thank you enough for making art accessible through Poppets. They have been inspiring to me on so many levels.

I almost never comment here, but I read every post you make, and wish you all the joy and success as you take the less-traveled fork.

DavidK said...

I first started following your blog during the Tiny Stories interval four or five years ago, and stayed around for the discussions of art and the nature of creativity. Your art has been, for the most part, very tactile, which unfortunately doesn't come across well on blogs - your art needs to be touched, held, manipulated, to be fully appreciated. So, your audience here is drawn mainly by the words you put down, and not directly due of the art you show us from time to time. In short - I'll certainly keep checking in, and I rather expect most of your readers will also!

Hazy said...

I hope you will be happy in whatever you do, poppets or not. Though I will miss the poppets.

I've been a fan of yours for almost exactly a year I think. Strange that. But I will keep following to see what you are up to.