Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clean. Next step, stop.

Orionids will be visible this week.

Since last post--I followed my plan and spent a couple of hours cleaning the painting studio. I finished my cleaning, feeling quite satisfied with myself. My tables looked like the tables of an artist both professional and sane. Immediately, I was hit with a grand case of the fuck-its.
Possibly my efforts were too little, too late. At any rate, the space wasn't going anywhere.
So I napped. Then I caught up on missed shows, read several short stories from the Haunted Legends anthology from Tor.

I think the Pat Cadigan story might be my favorite.

So, in a nutshell---I prepared myself for working, and listened to the fuck-it fairy, who is apparently smarter than me.
Today was dark and rainy all day. We all enjoyed it. And now Spencer's brought me some delicious-looking thing that smells like vanilla and nutmeg. So I'm off to watch the clouds cross the moonlight and Jupiter knowing full well that they'll show up in the work to come.



Kelly said...

now that would be a poppet. Kind of like the reading good fairy, but a fuck-it fairy ;)

ravyn said...

LOL yes! Reclining with the TV remote, Netflix guide, and snacks!