Sunday, October 03, 2010

cloudy with rumors of stories

Zen Poppet--photo from Adrienne Reynolds

Soosi follows Orion everywhere.
I'm having coffee at my desk. Earlier I made eight cheese sandwiches and a huge pot of Chinese noodles. Washed a mountain of black grapes. Poured cups of Sunny D. Lunch is served. This house is full of children today. Damn you, innocuous Netflix!
I wore my painting apron throughout, and a paint-stained and faded cotton t-shirt. The apron is to protect my jeans and because it's damned handy. In between kids and Soosi-who-is-Legion, I touch up and sign Poppets that will be sent away next week.
What I really want to do is sleep, but the list is long at the moment. Mostly it's the weather. Cozy as home, warm and humid, clouds and showers. Part of me will always live in South Carolina. Outside, the kids are splashing in the pool, made magical by rain. It's a happy sound and today I don't have to be in the water to enjoy it.

I'll leave for Baltimore on Tuesday. Press stuff and docent meetings on Wednesday, opening party on Friday. See AVAM. If you're there, please look for me. I'd love to see you.

coffee's gone. Your artist is full of art and stories. Poppets have been busy, for sure. I'm a little nervous. Wish me luck.


Roland said...

Good luck, Lisa, both at the Con and at the museum opening! Wish we could be there to see you at both! I'm hoping we can make the trip up to see the Dark Caravan sometime next year. Be safe!


Roland said...

Oops, just read your post about being back from MadCon already. Hope you had fun!


tera said...

I just love your little poppets so much. I have asked for one (or more!) for Christmas, so hopefully my request will be remembered. ;)

Your blog is such fun. I left you an "award" over at mine.