Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tuesday morning

Over the weekend pegboard and bins helped me organize the painting room to create space for a kid -friendly corner. I softened the look of the pegboard by rag-painting with shades of sky and clouds.

And kids showed up, as they tend to.

Zoya helps by tearing paper for papier mache.

Poppets watch over all.

I use colored tissue for layers. I've learned that many thin layers create a much stronger foundation than fewer thick layers.
In addition, using up the scrap Poppet Planet wrapping paper in colored layers helps me keep up with how many layers I've applied. Generally, I alternate mixed colors with black.
Another helpful trick is to make the first layer a very bright pink, and the next several layers blac when wiring is involved. That way, as I sand and finish the work, I have a bright pink WARNING that wires are nearby.
I figured this out after accidently cutting through wiring twice. Arrrrgh. In your artist's paper mache, pink means danger.

I ended the work day with a cup of steaming chai tea (thank you MimiKo!) and a spectacular sunset.
As I sat, Mystery Kitty peered at me from a discreet distance, not moving closer, but not ready to spring away either.

Now it's Tuesday morning. It's chilly and I'm more in the mood to curl up by the fire with a warm book than to go into the studio and work. But alas, it's my job to show up and make art.
So off I go.
Hope your day is good. Or at least interesting.
An ad for 'booty pop panties' just appeared on TV.
I'm so disgusted. It makes me want to throw up my hands and quit. Will Poppets one day decide humans are too stupid to watch over?
Is that up to me?
Dunno. In the meantime, I'm going to work. At least now I'm awake.


Kelly said...

Lisa- perhaps it is the mood that I am in, but I feel like the following quote from this post can be applied to life:

"I've learned that many thin layers create a much stronger foundation than fewer thick layers."

Almost as if to say, the more experiences we have, the stronger our foundations as humans. Maybe I just need to feel better about all the junk that I've been through ;)

guardianalien said...

Hey Lisa! I like the poppets watching :) Natalie Dee had a comic today in this same vein.

lisa said...

Kelly- You have a real gift of seeing things in new lights. This isn't the first time you've taken something simple I said and turned it back on me in a way that hits right on target.

...Are you a Poppet?

Now---let's remove the 'maybe' and 'just' from your last statement, ok?
"I need to feel better about all the junk that I've been through."

All that junk is indeed experience (layers!) that will make you better. Already has.
As always, thank you.

Drinne said...

Ok I miss so much by not watching TV - I have never heard of "booty pops" and went to find the commercial for it after seeing your link - (I learned about snuggies from you too)

However your reaction to Booty Pops put me in mind of Hobson in Hobson's Choice reacting to his daughter's bustle.

"You were going down Chapel Street with a hump added to nature behind you.

The hump was wagging . . . "

So yes they are silly, but humans have historically accentuated their various assets to much greater extremes .

Plucking hairlines to match Queen Elizabeth
push up open chested shirts in Crete
codpieces of epic proportion
shoulder pads. . . .

That said, when I hear Booty Pops sounds like it should be lollipops made to look like doubloons.

I shouldn't wonder if poor Hobson would have an apoplectic fit on seeing these things - thus rendering his need to choose completely moot.

lisa said...

guardianalien- me too! And these two are YOUR pattern design---look familiar, don't they?

One day I will find someone to sew Poppets for us. I'd very much like that.

Kelly said...

I'm just glad to be able to see things in a new tells me that I am not as jaded as I sometimes feel.

Okay, I think I read through the post too fast and I read "Betty Boop" instead of "Booty Pops" and thought you were having a hard time with the commercialization of 'art'. So, after actually following the link...I now understand the source of your need to vomit. :)

guardianalien said...

Drag queens have been wearing booty pops for years ;)

ravyn said...

Lisa - did you ever find the pattern you wanted to send me?

Loraine said...

I've just started a college course in Peace and Justice Studies. When the professor asked if there were any questions, I asked for his educated opinion on if there is actually any hope for humankind and if so, why. He gave a lot of sources that suggest humanity is improving and there is reason to hope, said he'd email them to us.
I don't think he's seen the Booty Pop panties commercial. Or reality shows like Flava- Flav's dating thing and Toddlers in Tiaras. It's all so sick, I just stopped watching TV. Except for what I pick on Netflix.