Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dreams and Disaster. It's Saturday.

The week zipped by. I got a painful sore-throat thing that's been making the rounds in this house and elsewhere, I've heard. It hasn't been completely debilitating, but came with dreams that were weird even for me. Aubrey had the unusual dreams too. Though her brain is furnished in a style uniquely hers, it seems to contain a number of my hand-me-downs--we share some distinct similarities. So maybe it's that. Still, these particular dreams did seem symptomatic. oddness.

A bit of new work got done anyway (much to my surprise), some of the art is possibly weird-dream-sore-throat-thing inspired.

Today it's all-day disaster B-movies on the Science Fiction Channel.

I am loathe to say "SyFy." I've come to think of it as the "Cruel Ghost of the Science Fiction Chanel" Chanel or just "72." I'm still not feeling that great, so we're having a mostly quiet day. After milk and cookies, we'll get under blankets on the sofa and watch disaster movies Mystery Science Theater style. No popcorn and drinks though, as five- and seven-year-olds are prone to spit takes at funnies.

This group doesn't go out as much as it used to. Just like many people, we're learning to create entertainment at home. Sometimes it works out great! It's not easy to compete with IMAX. But we're learning. Little thanks to Chanel 72.

Now to sit on a sofa full of kids and find the funny in the disaster.

You can't have one without the other. Poppets taught me this.

They really did.



Melissa P said...

The Mystery Science Theater idea is a great one. Hope everyone fully recovers soon.

lisa said...

We're very nearly better, thank you. It worked out really well,even though one fell asleep about half through. But we made extremely cheesy jokes, even through the commercials---which are an entirely different lesson. sigh. so little time.