Saturday, January 23, 2010

It rained and rained and rained for days.

Everything got very wet. The kids put on bags to play.

The rain ended today and left snow on the mountains all around us.

I took some Photographs

of the

Poppet Painting Process.

I thought you might like them, even though I combined some of the steps

Today, new work and new music.

Hope your weekend is going well.


Drinne said...

Woot! Now I know how to solve the shingle painting problem for the little houses!

Thank you!

Almost recovered enough to start working again : )

WV is phyll - what dryads use to stuff their pillows and quilts.

spacedlaw said...

Interesting to see your process. Did you get my email with the pdf file by the way?

Melissa P said...

Thanks for sharing this post of the process. I love it. And those wings!

Also...curious to know how Mystery Cat survived the crazy rain storms. Hope he knew your yard was a safe haven.

lisa said...

drinne: yay! recovered? were you sick again?

WV is litiven - what leprechauns take for hangovers

spacedlaw: I did, thank you. Am just digging out from a bout with a sore throat. ahhh, winter. will catch up mail...eventually!

Melissa P: glad you liked it. Mystery cat has found a haven in a niche on our roof. Comes down when I rattle the cat chow bag, but still won't let me too near. sudden moves

Carl V. said...

Sunshine!!! That has been something that has been sorely missing for most of the month of January here. I have always read about pea soupers but had never experienced them until we had two straight weeks of heavy, heavy fog days and nights. It was 'end of the world' weird here for awhile.

I say it every time it seems, but it is no less true: I love seeing the process! Thanks for taking the time to show the various stages.

Drinne said...

Yeah - got hit with a mutating virus - about 3 weeks worth of different level of sick - So the plan is to work on a Little Red Poppet House so that it won't be seasonal and I can work for as long as it takes. Besides I have an awesome red and white harlequin tile to use.