Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Recharge

This weekend was for the 'difficult' work. We've talked about this sort of work before and how it differs from 'hard' work. Hard work is casting and detail sanding twenty Poppets, or cleaning the studio. Difficult work is calculating exactly how to mold a complex original, or how to extract a metaphor hidden in bits and pieces within in a series of works.

Fair enough, the difficult work is sometimes done while wearing a bikini, floating on clear water in warm sun with a cold drink.

I never said the desert didn't have it's good points.

---That doesn't make the work any less difficult.

I came to understand that thinking was part of my job some time ago. And stopped trying to accomplish said thinking while doing other things.

Though sometimes the difficult questions nag, and beg for attention at the most inappropriate moments imaginable. Oh yes.

So, Friday and some of Saturday were spent on the cognitive, the narrative, and the putting ideas into some sort of order.

It was very successful, largely due to the fact that I was able to give it my full attention.

So Saturday afternoon was for cleansing the mental palette. Spencer and I took off to visit local nurseries. We found ourselves at this one---my favorite--tucked into a niche in the mountains. We had a great afternoon wandering among these beautiful living creatures. We tasted tangerines and exotic lemons from the citrus. Our favorite creature was not for sale. Not at all. It was this fragrant eucalyptus, with un-bark soft as skin and even wrinkled at the joints.
We found that a row of double- walled copper pots made a really cool tone drum.

Later, I took photos of this sleepy little Poppet and had an enjoyable phone chat with the Neil.

Now it's Sunday, and it was all day gardening and cleaning, with the occasional stop for music and dinner outdoors.

Tomorrow is a studio day, but not a day to get up at any particular time. So now for a bit of spiced rum, a sit by the fireplace outside under the desert stars, with our mystery cat watching from a safe distance.

Winter in the desert. Reset. Renew. Silly humans!



spacedlaw said...

Oooh, what cute sleeping poppet. It looks almost innocent.

Melissa P said...

I hope the hard work, the difficult work and the fun coalesce easily. Can't wait to see the outcome.

lisa said...

spacedlaw- indeed. do you suppose Poppets know about "playing 'possum"?

Melissa P- I hope so too. Thank you.