Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten in Twenty Ten?

Is it New Year's Eve? Indeed, it is.

I wonder if you've missed me as I've missed you. Possibly you did.

The last weeks have been for cocooning, resting, thinking, working. For listening and watching and snuggling with family. For reading and making notes and thinking some more.

For putting stuff in, so that I can bring stuff out.

It's about eleven now. The kids vowed to be up until midnight. We'll see. The chiminea is glowing outside, making a circle of warmth where tales can be told and marshmallows toasted. Like many other families, we're spending our New Year's Eve at home this year.

There is always opportunity for parties.

A few weeks ago, we decided to put out an array of bird feeders. We were rewarded in just a few days with an interesting variety of bird visitors. We were surprised when another guest appeared, apparently drawn in by the raucous bird activity.

A cat, feral and wary, sitting on our fence mostly hidden amongst the greenery, but occasionally creeping out for a closer look. And who at first would bolt at the sound of the door opening, but who now will stay put when I come outside to sit only a few feet away.

Our Mystery is thin, and so far eats every bite of any treat we leave. We tend to leave something every day. I'll not pursue, but will remain consistent, and watch and see if a relationship develops.

Indeed our eyes have met and held. Possibilities exist for more communication.

We will see.

What did I learn this year?

To wait and see what happens. That things rarely happen the way we imagine they will.

For Christmas, Aubrey gave me a copy of "Under the Dome" by Stephen King. Now I know different, but early on, when I began reading Stephen's work, I expected horror. Well sure, I got some. But what I really got was humanity. It's the humanity of his work that held me. And still does.

Ok. I like the scary too. What can I say?

This past year was a healing year for me. I struggled through most of it, finally beginning to see some light in November. I don't really need to tell you this---if you're reading this post then mostly likely you were there with me.

What I do want to say is thank you. Thank you for your insights and humor and outstanding Poppets On Tour photos. Thank you for giving homes to so many Poppets (even the unruly ones) and for glimpses into your work and your lives and your unique and surprising ideas.

Now we enter 2010. Twenty-ten. Wow. We'll all start by looking back and inside. Then looking forward and out. Then we'll see what happens. Are we 'under the dome?' Not literally but figuratively. We are all on this planet and, at least for now, it is self contained, much like a tank of sea monkeys. No help is available from outside. It's sink or swim, up to those of us who live here (will we reach 10 billion?) on the fragile surface of this tiny ball spinning fast through the cold and black and utterly unknown.

Hmm. I like the 'we' part.

I wish you every good thing for the coming year. I'm very honored to be travelling through space and time with you, through whatever will come.

Much love,

your artist


Kelly said...

I like the way you put it, poetically precise: 'We'll all start by looking back and inside. Then looking forward and out. Then we'll see what happens.'

I must say, I like the look of the newer poppets. Their faces seem softer, as if they've relaxed just a bit :)

Happy new year...let it be full of new blessings and not so full of the old habits.

Neon said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Lisa. I have missed your posts lately and am happy to see you back! Thank you for your open-ness and your kindness, for sharing with us and for being so special. I hope this year is a better one for you and everyone who reads this blog! Come on 2010-bring it on!!

DavidK said...

Hi Lisa,

Happy New Year! Best wishes for the next cycle of seasons, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, concerns, hopes and fears with us - I appreciate the added perspective that it brings to my life.

We also had a visitor the summer previous - Porch Kitty took up residence under our back porch. She was a beautiful Siamese that had likely been abandoned. After fattening her up for a couple of months, she went to a local cat shelter where Catherine and Alia volunteer, and was adopted within a week.

Did you get a chance to check out the link I sent you via email a little while ago?

Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings, poppet-wise! The Poppets-Under-Glass series have all been wonderful...

WV: prospolu - a legal term for the reading time required for budget bills in the legislature, more commonly used in a manner similar to 'advisement', as in 'comments on the bill will be taken under prospolu'.

DavidK said...

Oops - meant to include the link:

Janet said...

This year was a struggle for me...lots of healing, too. I have SO much fun with your poppets :-)

Good luck with the feral kitty...lots of them around here, too and I notice folks putting things out for them...even a little kitty house!

Drinne said...

I did miss you. I'm glad it was cocooning.

I feel like I lost the last six weeks somehow, but now there is plenty of time and none at all. Sometimes you just have to do something else, because what you were planning doesn't work.

Hope the quiet New Year is symbolic of a Happy Yet Quiet and Prosperous Year to come.