Saturday, January 19, 2008

Poppet Loves You

We've been busy indeed, in the studio, with blustery winds all around us.

We're taking orders now for the blushing Pink "Poppet Loves You" Poppet for Valentine's Day gifts.

You can order one now, and we'll ship it to arrive between the 11th and 14th of February with your message.

Cool, huh? Or at least, extra Poppety sweet.

Of course, you can also order one for you.

Back to work for your artist. There's lots more to be done.


K said...

Have they sold out already? That was quick...

lisa said...

k: nope. there are more. just put them up.

that was fast! glad we started early.

Alexandr said...


Dan Guy said...


Bungeegal said...

Now they're gone again! Darn it! These aren't just good for Valentine's they're good all year long for ones you love! I hope you make more!