Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dangerous Poppets may lurk in your future

I took a walk at four. When I set out, it was day. When I returned, it was night. But all my steps seemed planted firmly in the in-between, where weirdness and ideas happen. It's cloudy and coldish in the desert and life has been a little too interesting at times this week. Often my walks are mostly about the mountains, which are, well, mountainous, unaffected by whatever chaotic skies are passing over, whatever chaotic scurryings below. The sight of them brings calm, but not comfort.

We're busy in the studio and I'm working on book projects as I can, especially inspired by Derek's (ReallyRatherNotNice) new work.

Happy Birthday to the Vanda Luna who popped inexplicably into my head early this morning, connected to last month's solstice. Remnants of a dream? Dunno. Anyway, Happy Birthday Laura!

This week I'm reading yet another offspring of The Edge. This one, What's Your Dangerous Idea? poses the question to many of the most respected 'thinkers' of various disciplines. The essays are short and readable enough to exercise the brain painlessly. Truly mind-expanding.

I've read several of these Edge books edited by John Brockman, as part of an ongoing effort to squeege that third eye of mine, still stubbornly cloudy after all these years.

No worries. It's the journey, yes? So many books---our walls are filled with them---have brought me countless hours of great joy.

Why haven't I made a 'reading' Poppet? A tiny autodidact. What was I not thinking? What's wrong with me?

Sheesh. So many Poppets. So little time...

Some of the Poppets for Valentines are excellently sweet. Some are excellently not. Now, I'm dangerously in the mood for dangerous Poppets. Go figure.

But first, chicken soup for the little constellation, who is down with a very mean cold. We're stocked up with soup, meds and otter pops.

Travel well tonight.


Alys Sterling said...

I'm pretty sure my poppets read my books when I'm not looking. When they're not terrorizing my husband.

It may interest some of you to know that the largest of the fluffy lobsters also reads; we found him in a childrens' book department, with a book open in his claws. (Mind you, he may just like looking at the pictures.)

David Niall Wilson said...

Poppets have such a disturbing quality about them, in general, I am not surprised that they terrorize Alys' husband.

Just thought I'd pop my head out of the ether and say...hey.


K said...

Yes! A reading poppet! You must do this!

My poppets seem quite literate, and my Vanda rat lives in a room with five overfilled bookcases, where she seems quite content. (I've sometimes dreamed of commissioning a ratportrait from you of me as a Reader Rat. All these writer rats... there must be a few readers too?)

I hope the constellation feels better soon.

Dan Guy said...

My poppets all live upon the book shelves. I think they hide in the books sometimes. I think I saw a video about that once.

Carl V. said...

The valentine's poppets are so great (love the packaging as well) so I really am intrigued about what 'dangerous poppets' means! I think they are all a bit dangerous to be quite honest!

What is it about this year. It may just be my imagination but it seems like every time I turn around people are down with something. I hope Orion is much better very soon.