Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jack is Back A Brief Look at "Fortune's Teller"

Fortune's Teller is finally leaving us tomorrow. We have scads of photos from along the way. And stories. Remember the sign on the studio door--the one that states "Nothing Can Go Wrong Now?" An absolutely absurd variety of things went wrong with this one. You can't write this stuff.Possibly one day I'll write about it. But not today. I need some time travel to balance my perspective on it. Right now all I want to do it get the thing safely where it's going with no more surprises.

I particularly like the still image of Jack. I'll likely add some text for a t-shirt image for myself. If you like it too, let me know and I'll make some available.

If you don't know who Jack is, you can read about him in Smoke and Mirrors. Fortune's Teller is partially created from the original casting mold for "Don't Ask Jack."

The "Dark Caravan" kinetic carnival began with Jack. It's fitting that the last piece of the carnival features his likeness. It's also fitting that Poppets have infiltrated the carnival, showing up increasingly in the later sculptures.

There are twelve fortunes on the wheel including, Dreams That Wake Hold Warning and A Glimpse Ahead Will Change Your Mind.

This time the wheel stopped at Don't Eat the Dumplings. Sounds silly yes, but I'm pretty sure he means it.

The music is "Sever," by Porcupine Tree on Signify.

Hope you enjoy it. G'night


Chris said...

Oh my God Lisa, It's amazing! I wish I could see it in person...I would really love to see some of your bigger sculptures in person, particularly a kinectic piece. It's absolutely, terrifyingly beautiful! And if you're taking votes, count me in for a tshirt :) I'd definitely scoop one up!

Mona said...

Yeah I'm up for a tshirt too...and a local show of your stuff would be sooooooo cool. Do you ever do that? I'd drive out to Palm Springs for a show of your stuff...maybe even do a studio show or something...I dunno. It just sounds cool.

OH and love the music.

jordan's mom said...

We'll need at least 2 t-shirts at our house. One for me, and of course... for Jack.

Carl V. said...

I echo Chris' thoughts. It would be amazing to see this and the rest of the Dark Caravan series in person. The pictures are amazing but there is nothing like the experience of seeing the intricacies and the textures of art up close and in person. I thank you for giving us glimpses all the same!

As sinister as Jack is in the story, I think you should write the tale of his influence on what went wrong!

Rubius said...

That is an exceedingly creepy Jack!!!

Especially the movements. Brilliant!!

lady-tiamat said...

I absolutely love your Dark Caravan series - is there anywhere to see photos of the full collection? / you said it was going to be on display somewhere?

Dan Guy said...

That is one great, ominous pic.