Saturday, January 12, 2008

Geek Heaven, Fiddly Stuff and One Big Smile

Whoosh! Where did the week go? My plan to quietly reorganize the studio and work on books for January jumped track when we had to make room for more studio help. That's how it goes! Sometimes we have to switch gears in the short term for the sake of the longer.
So the quiet week turned into a sort of tornado of activity. Still, I'm managing to find pockets of time to work on book projects.

But now it's the weekend, and I'm really, really tired of thinking. All day I'm trying to focus on simple tasks. It's not working completely---thoughts and ideas creep in around the edges. Thanks to the life-hacks at Make, I reach for my notebook and jot things down instead of getting sidetracked. Too often and I'll have to slap my own hand. That's no good. I already talk to myself. My family doesn't need any new worries about my sanity. I need swimming. Or Wii, or some cheesy movie on demand. And cake, maybe.

Anyway. That's my Saturday, sort of. If you're even remotely as geeky as me, you'll love it here.

And finally, Alison sent me this photo. Logan has begun to laugh. That makes me happy.



Carl V. said...

So darling! I love it when babies smile and laugh. There is nothing more innocent and purely joyful than that.

I too am wanting to jot ideas down as I have them this year. It is one of my 2008 goals. I have been so bad about doing this in the past and ideas for posts, etc. are cropping up all the time only to be lost by the grind of day to day existence.

Dan Guy said...

SO CUTE! I love happy babies. And sleeping babies.