Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Monday?

Today was a 13-hour day in the studio. In my head it's this mosaic of pictures, starting with me there alone with my coffee and Gorecki, feeling pretty satisfied to be starting the day that way.

There are lots of other images, sounds too, coming faster, louder and brighter. Working, talking, power tools, shouting over power tools, music, laughter. Breaking for lunch. Breaking to walk in the blustery/cool desert winds. Taking notes and making calls. Planning things, sketches. Big projects, small projects and Poppets.

People in until we were full, then leaving one at a time until, once again, it was just me, quiet and feeling pretty satisfied to be ending the day that way.

Soon I'll be showing you the stuff we made and then we'll pack up the Element (aka, the rubber car) with blankets, snacks and head up the mountain to get a good look at the stars---and maybe play in a bit of snow.



Dan Guy said...

Pink skully poppets! I loves.

Jennifer said...

Please please please tell me that the pink skull poppets are going to be up on e-bay soon, my husband wants one for Valentine's day!!!! Oh, and my blushing poppet came today, he's so cute!