Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 283

Aubrey has officially and literally flown the coup for new adventures in other lattitudes and time zones. She will, without a doubt, create wonder wherever she goes. She is Aubrey, Fair-Haired Ruler of the Elves. And all that goes with.

And here, her magic lingers though we miss her already.

g'night Aubrey. Tomorrow, wake up and fly.


yemamaya said...
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Stacy Hurt said...

Lisa, my thoughts and sympathy is with you. This is one of the more poignant aspects of children. Aren't they just incredible?

yemamaya said...

I'm SO sorry and I wish I'd put a sock in it... I did not get it. I often don't, and it'd be helpfull if I'd shut up and did not comment innapropriately.

lisa said...

Stacy-thank you. They are incredible. Watching them fly off on their own is a wonderful thing and a lot to process too.

yemamaya- Don't worry about it. I figured you misread it. I don't always speak clearly. And don't you dare stop commenting. I count on you. You're often one of the first to let me know I'm not alone here in this desert. We're good.

yemamaya said...

Thanks. Means a lot- I could just kick myself sometimes.You speak clearly enough, that's sure. It's my mouth working faster than brain and that sort of stuff... beh.
Whatever.But again- thanks.
As for the desert... there is a lot of Foliage outside my window, this side of the ocean. But there are all sorts of deserts, aren't there? The ones on the inside are sometimes even more... deserty. Even if there is lots and lots of greens on the outside. The show must go on, as they say.