Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 268

This morning Orion and I woke at 4am to booming thunder and great, jagged columns of lightning. He climbed in with me and we watched for a while. It was an awesome and spectacular show. (I'm not one use the word 'awesome' lightly. When I use it, I refer to actual awe, you know, mouth opened, heart humbled awe.) The kitties joined us and soon it was just me watching, with boy and felines sleeping around me.
I enjoyed it as long as I could before drifting off again. When the alarm went off two hours later, rain was pouring and there were flash flood watches. I needed real coffee.
Red is finished and lovely and I'll get the photos up tomorrow. Tonight I'm going to sleep reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert M. Pirsig. It's a loan and I promised my friend I'd try not to drool on his copy. I'll do my best to get Little Pink between the pages and set it aside before my eyes close for the night. I wonder where I'll go when I sleep. I suppose I'll know when I get there.


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