Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 274

Sitting here, starting to write, I realize I was so eager to get Red to her new owner that I forgot to finish her photographs. No matter, I'll catch the next incarnation.

This morning I was hardly aware of a deep rumbling before I became acutely aware of a great hissing, cat-wise. It was Soosi, behind me at the kitchen window, staring wild-eyed at the crane and cup of a tree trimming truck passing on the street behind our house. I can't imagine what was going on in her brain, but mortal fear was in every other cell of her body. I've never seen a cat in such full bloom. Her tail was huge--seen that before--but every hair on her head and body were standing at end. Her pupils were like olives. This was a cat staring Death in the face. Or at least Death's tree-trimming truck. I didn't dare touch her, but I kept repeating soothing things, it's alright, Soosi, you're okay, it won't hurt you. I could've said anything, I know. It's not the words, but the tone that matters. Presently, she...deflated. And that face on her! Just...hanging. I'm not exaggerating. I thought I'd cry. I spent the next twenty minutes holding her until finally she purred and fell asleep. I've never seen an animal so scared. I can't say I'd like to again.

The rest of the day was quietly productive. I had the great pleasure of hearing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, uninterrupted. It never fails me. That particular work might be my constant. I first heard it when I was no more than six. When I hear it, when I listen, there is no time.

I'm the last one awake now, Orion and kitties all snoring together, including Soosi.

Hope your day was good.



mirabelle muse said...

Hello Lisa! Hope you don't mind, I'm writing here because I couldn't find if you had a contact line on your blog. My partner and I recently got back from Baltimore and saw some of your work at the museum of visionary art, and we were blown away! I think we loved the ferris wheel and carousel the most, though we were amazed at all your creations in the exhibit. Since finding your blog, I've enjoyed reading about poppets and your cats. You have some fans out in the mountains of rural Virginia! Please carry on, and we hope to see more of your art in future.

Anonymous said...

breathe in

breath out

emptiness is form

form is emptiness