Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 265

Painting "Red" today. (I'll be amazed if the captions line up with the photos. stoopid blogger.)

If not, I'll trust you to figure it out. I R sleepy.

After cleaning up the casting and sanding, a thin layer of black primer (spray) then a painted layer of acrylic after the primer's fully dried at least 24 hours.

First layer of drybrushing is very, very, very...dry. Drybrushing is a real discipline for me. It has to be done in layers to be done well. The first coat is a fine all over brushing. After that is a little less dry and, using a very flat brush, touching fewer hightlights. Easy to screw up. Lots of cussing.

Boys in the pool, me working outside. The poppet bird house is made by John Baucum. I'm hoping he'll make some for the Etsy store in the fall. It's held up wonderfully, even in this desert heat.

Full dry brush.

Back, fully dry-brushed.

Detail of drybrush. This is after several rounds of drybrushing, each lighter, touching fewer highlights than the previous. It's a subtle thing, but in the end, adds a luminosity that just isn't there without it.

I don't buy palettes or palette paper. I use old phone books for dry brushing and magazines for other painting. The pages are slicker and don't dry the paint. For dry brush, the newsprint leeching the water out is a benefit.

Red's a transparent color. I start with this bright red layer, undiluted but applied thinly so the lights and shadows of the drybrush show through.

Red dress. Stage the 1st. Sunlight is great for photographing such bright colors.

Self-snapshot of the artist, Saturday afternoon.
Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the events of 9/11/2001. I feel as I did on 9/11/2006:

I'm not a patriot. I'm a human being.

Tomorrow I'll finish up this piece and photo as I go. Please ask me anything about the painting process. Or anything else for that matter.

I hope you're sleeping well. I wish us all a good day.



Diandra said...

That sculpture is beautiful! (And so is the artist, of course.)

Eliana said...

The 'red' is very beautiful! I particularly enjoyed this post, shows some of Lisa, mother and artist ...

spacedlaw said...

Somehow I had expected the statue to be much taller. I guess the tallest art I have ever seen from you is the huge one at Neil's.

spacedlaw said...

Byt he way... I can't see the poppet bird house in that picture.

Stacy Hurt said...

"Portrait of the Artist" indeed! Red is really beautiful and I loved reading about you using phone book pages & magazine pages instead of the plastic pallets for painting.

And that is a beautiful shade of red!

I too couldn't see the birdhouse.
(Hi Nathalie!)

lisa said...

Thanks, everyone.

The birdhouse is on the table to the left of the sculpture. It's a profile of a poppet in purple/blue.

annnoe said...

She's beautiful. That shade of red is magnificent.

With regards to Blogger, I find on my photo blog that if I load the photos using the compose tab, but switch over to the html tab and put in the text under the existing photo .html, it all lines up ok. Your mileage may vary, of course, and I don't find your blog problematic in that regard, but you always sound frustrated with the captions!

Shonna said...

Both Red and Blue are astonishingly gorgeous pieces, thank you for sharing your process - I often wonder how you manage to get the depth of shade and texture. And the lines of the pieces really appeal, so fluid.
Bit like life really, fluid and everchanging, and sometimes just stops you in your tracks.
I'm sleeping well, hope you are too :)

maqart said...

Thanks so much for your continuing tutorials-especially your dry brushing- the depth of texture and shadow you achieve is stunning. And the spray primer for a plain even 'canvas' is something I will try. Is it a metal primer, wood primer or something different?

Sans! said...

I love your bigger pieces, Lisa. I can stare at them for ages. Red and Blues, I can't stop thinking about them.

Thank you also for showing us your work in progress and your painting technique.