Friday, March 12, 2010


Poppets are already traveling free. Your artist will be spending hours in her favorite corner of the sofa
in pajamas,
with tea,
Silly Humans!



guardianalien said...

Omg so cute!


Melissa P said...

Very cute poppet. Enjoy your time on the sofa! Have a good weekend.

lisa said...

guardianalien: I made it to sit on the computer monitor, but will sit other places. We started naming them, then making up names and adventures...
silly humans.

Poppets are always watching. If they're watching over us, would that make them a little sort of guardian alien?
Do we ask wisepoppet? Honestly, I'm not sure of the answer.

MelissaP: I've recently discovered that writing with a deadline is very different than writing without.
I'm comfortable with art deadlines. Maybe it's just a matter of experience. Or maybe I'm wearing the wrong pjs.
Possibly it's the end of a long day.
Anyway. That might be a discussion for the blog.
Thanks Melissa. you have a good weekend too.

Drinne said...

It would be cool if there were pjs that were printed with fountain pens and pretty words in swirly beautiful penmanship

Laughing Poppets look like they need to come to Poppetropolis and sit in the park and the Poppet Cafe, staying up all night and talking and laughing with their friends.

Lindsey said...

so cute!

lisa said...

Drinne: I saw an ad in either Make or Craft magazine for a company who will print fabric that you design. This may be something you already know about, or may be something you'll want to kick me for telling you about.

lisa said...

Lindsey: Thank you! I've had so much fun making these little poppets. It could be laughing at us anywhere---on a shelf, on a computer monitor, on a tiny, tiny potty.

Hey---a new kids book---The Poppet Potty Pop Up book

are....there any bathrooms in Poppetropolis? I'm just sayin'...

Drinne said...

Lisa - Actually I've been working on sourcing portapotties for the Poppetropolis Fair and at least one bathroom for the boardinghouse.

So the answer is actually "yes"

lisa said...

Drinne:...I should've known.

Carl V. said...

I knew they laughed once in awhile. I though I heard my shelf of Poppets giggling in the wee hours of the night, but of course they went silent the second I became aware of them. Sly buggers.

spacedlaw said...

This one is having way too much fun at our expense.