Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cats and Dragons

Today was a very long day in the studio. The kind of day when the work isn't difficult, but plentiful. Hours of the nuts and bolts and physical labor that make the pictures in my head become objects I can hold.

But evening came, just as always. Orion and I walked through our neighborhood to the wash, which is wild with rabbits, coyotes and roadrunners. Oh my.

There were little black birds on the wires, like notes on a staff and the sky was filled with cats and dragons and other strange creatures. The sun's light suddenly turned Orion's hair to gold. I took a photo of him, for him.
For later, so that he can see the street as it was when he was a little boy.
It will be like time travel.

The walk was an excellent idea.

And now, I'm too tired to worry or think or plan. Quiet now, and sleep.


Lindsey said...

that post made me smile :)

Melissa P said...

That sounds like the perfect ending to your productive day.

And you're right about what you said regarding sound aiding visual perspective in the last comments section. It takes all the senses. Thanks for the reminder.

Hope today is another good work day.

Kelly said...

Lisa- while I could say something about the post, I cannot hold back from commenting on the most recent poppet that has joined my world.

Poppet plays Caterpillar arrived today and I am awestruck. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of art that I own and I am terribly glad that I decided to commit to this little poppet.

Your attention to detail in this poppet is something else! I love everything about him and he really made my day...and I didn't even know I needed a boost!!!

I want to call all my friends and show him off....

Great work, Lisa, thanks for being an artist with such talent :)

lisa said...

Lindsey: as tired as I was when I wrote it, it made me smile too. Knowing that you felt the same made it worth the effort. Thank you!

Melissa P: Thank you. I hoped to create an exhibit that employed all the senses. I still have the plans and sketches. One day...

Kelly: I'm happy for you and with you, for sure. Thank you.