Tuesday, March 16, 2010

waking hours

I've now been awake for twenty one hours. Too many, since I got little sleep the night before. I spent most of today waiting at the hospital while Spencer had surgery on his spine. This one was a bit complicated, but was managed by stealing a bit of his hipbone. The worst of the uncertainty is passed. Now for recovery and all that goes with.
The waiting was not totally stressful as long as I stayed busy. I finished writing an article I've been working on for some weeks. I read two issues of Make from cover to cover. I sort of watched bits of Law and Order that seemed to be on every channel in one form or another and I made a weird sort of menagerie of latex gloves. I thought the nurse would scold me---she was that stern sort of nurse who might---but she didn't, unless I count the (possibly imagined) subtle rolling of her eyes.

I'm a little sad that this year we won't actually be celebrating St. Paddy's Day. Sometimes things just don't fall that way. The week is way too full for cooking cabbage or drinking, or even Aubrey's annual St. Paddy's day dive into the pool.
But we agreed to be satisfied with what is. And what is now is that we made it through a difficult day. Orion is sleeping soundly and very soon, I will be too.

Have a drink for me. Éirinn go brách!



Kelly said...

I'm glad the surgery went well. From my experience, any time someone is put under anesthesia, it is a stressful ordeal.

That is one of the best glove creations I have ever seen, btw, I'm sure the nurse was impressed as well :)

Drinne said...

The Poppetropolis Poppets will raise a pint to Spence's health at the Pub.

May he have a rapid recovery.

The WV is "befirm"

I think I'll just leave that one there for interpretation

Stacey said...

Speedy recovery wishes to Spencer.

Syd said...

Best wishes to Spencer for a quick and easy recovery, and congrats to you for being able to accomplish anything of substance during the wait.

The glove art you chose to put up looks a lot like one of my cats, actually...not color, but general configuration.

spacedlaw said...

I shall have the Irish poppet raise a glass to Spencer's quick recovery (that intervention sounds really gruesome).
Take care.

ravyn said...

i'm glad that Spencer's surgery went well, and my thoughts are with you both for his recovery. Recovery is such fun isn't it, LOL.

My celebration of St. Paddy's was when the physical therapist asked me where my green was (i was wearing green socks). Yeap that's about it.

i hope Orion has a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

Carl V. said...

I am so glad the surgery went well, it sounds quite painful and I sincerely hope that it was not. All my hopes and prayers for a quick recovery and that all was and remains a success.

Get some rest!