Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lawn Morals

I'm not a fan of pulling weeds. It's not about the work. It's about the emotions. I can't pull dandelions without thinking of Ray Bradbury. I can't pull a weed without appreciating that it struggled to push up through the desert rocks. I can't pull a weed without being aware that it has a name, a genus, a species and a purpose.

Is it simply unfortunate geography for weeds, to grow in this neighborhood that frowns upon them? Or more precisely, that frowns upon humans with weeds between their rocks?

I tried that explanation with Orion. That nothing was wrong with the plants, but that they grew in the wrong place. He says that makes no sense. He is right.

How does one explain lawn morals to a Poppet?

Possibly I should put up tiny tombstones with names of the plants. My neighbors would likely frown upon that too, but I would've made some sort of point, at least to myself.

Possibly ONE DAY I can live somewhere else, that is mine, where weeds can have their season.

The birthday party went extremely well. I must get permission from parents before posting more photos. But it was a long day of play and bouncing and cake. And me hoarse from pretending to be the alien haunting the bounce house. I am a child inside. I will always be willing to humiliate myself for giggles. If I'm smart.

My hand is tired. My sculpting hand is my 'main' hand, is my signing hand too. It was great to see Larry, though we were signing in completely different rooms and had not nearly enough time.

I sat for hours with Peter Beagle and we talked and listened and discovered a something that we need to make together. The something actually sort of presented itself, very much like magic.
I'm very happy to be working with him again. Of course I am.

He is Peter S. Beagle.
And it is my great honor.

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mordicai said...

I also see that you've started selling the Strange Blank books on ebay, which is smart & convenient! I've read the Wolfe & the Beagle ones, & am well pleased.

lisa said...

Strange Blank isn't a terrible title on its own. I just attended a pulp fiction book show. I couldn't help thinking, "Strange Betty."

guerrilla girl said...

"Lawn morals"

Lisa, I love your blog because you always give me something to think about for the rest of the day. Thank you.

lisa said...

guerrilla girl: I'm glad you caught that. As soon as I typed it I got all sorts of images--one had to do with a toy 'bubble' mower
thank you!

lmichele said...

A weed is just a flower in the wrong place...

(which is why they always end up staying in my yard, so I can see what they turn into)