Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Little Black Poppets

are back...
sort of.
A little more edge,
for Anti Summer.
We're so engrossed in studio work it's not terribly hard to ignore the sun's hammer. Until we go outside.
Multiple projects, multiple media. We're under the gun to finish Pete's costume for High Sierra, his No-I-am-Not-a-Cop, bizarro, mystical weirdness that includes a top hat arrayed with LED strangeness.
Photos will emerge eventually, no doubt.
We swim mostly at night now. I can't help thinking about how weird it gets here in the thick of summer. There must be some cool story that would fit such a strange setting. Anyone want to take that one on? I'll be happy to consult on Palm Springs life in summer.
gotta go. Little Black Poppets. Brains. Lights. Sounds. Motion.
We're all over it.


spacedlaw said...

What's your desert like?
Sand? Baked earth? Rocks? All of the above?

lisa said...

Palm Springs is extremely landscaped in places. Our neighborhood sometimes looks more like Hawaii or Florida up close. But there are mountains surrounding us and if you look past the imported greenery, you can clearly see that this desert was once covered by ocean.
It's very sandy,with occasional high winds, making the sand motile, almost alive.* The sky is extremely clear at night. When I'm out and about tomorrow, I'll try getting some random photos along my normal routes.
*There's an older post titled "The Sands of Vista Chino" that sort of illustrates the sand thing. That might help.

Carl V. said...

After 2 days without air while it was being fixed...and it really wasn't that hot out in comparison to the previous week, Anti-Summer sounds wonderful!