Thursday, June 19, 2008

Algernon's Poppet

Today, from the perspective of its end, was more like three days than one.

I'm extremely glad to have experienced... them.

And we're left with these two, who seem as likely as any of us humans to figure things out.

We can only hope, silly humans.


p.s. Cookie Monster makes an appearance on The Colbert Report. If you didn't catch it tonight, catch it tomorrow. Don't miss it. Focus!


Drinne said...

Lisa, I love these creatures. They made me think of things I love, and things I want to fix, and what shamans would send in to the spirit world to battle TBI.

They remind me of my son and my daughter and Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio.

They made me cry a little. Thank you.

These are good things.

mordicai said...

Steamy little fellers! Get your cranks yanked, your cogs logged, your gears smeared, all for a shilling!

ravyn said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that is lovely, love the spats on the brain!

lisa said...

drinne: Flowers for Algernon is my favorite short story by Daniel Keyes, who was the first SF author I fell in love with.
There have been many since, but he's still my first, and Flowers always makes me cry, though I've read it many, many times.
Thank you for crying too. It's good to have company.

lisa said...

mordicai: They are, yes? I need to start videotaping the lights.
These brains are all prototypes. I suppose I should write about it on the blog. Will later. We're creating them for a video project.

They will, eventually, walk, on video and in life.

Ravyn: I knew you'd like the spats!!! I thought about you when I painted them. Boooyah!

DavidK said...

Oh yeah, those are nice....!

I really like the Victorian/steampunk aura they've got going. Straight out of HG Wells. The goggles are pure Claude Rains/Invisible Man, while the Brain has a War of the Worlds air to it. It needs to be lumbering over the landscape, with little poppets fleeing before it...

Truly inspired creating!

lisa said...

davidK: Exactly what we were going for. You made my day.
I'm taking lots of images so these prototypes want to make appearances in other visual projects.

ravyn said...

Lisa: ohhhhhhhh my, i may have to have that one in this case :-O

Drinne said...

OK - the jig is up, the tinkers and Sparks have won. Algernon and his poppet have made me start writing again. Actual fiction writing based on them . . . sigh . . .surely no simplicity will come of this. I hope these little guys are good at cleaning up rust.

Lisa - I cried at first because of them on their own. Just the art of them and where they hit me personally. It's complicated, just like them. I kept their picture up at work and around my second cup of coffee cried for Charlie and Algernon.

Then I called my daughter (who is watching an infant named Charlie) and told her about them and their title. What she said to me was "I can't even see it and I know that just by the name they're something wonderful"

When I got home and could read the blog I was really happily surprised for you to share that it really did have a connection to the story.

I'm not sure where the writing will go - I'm still an editor, so I may never deem my work ready for sharing - but I am writing and it's Algernon's fault. I can almost hear the lights around the amygdala snickering in victory. :-)

Ravyn - I agree, spats make the man and the brain. I wonder if the poppet has spats underneath on top of it's Schroedinger's Toes. . .

lisa said...

drinne: Write. Do. There's nothing to be lost and everything to be gained. Thank you for your frank insights.

Schroedinger's Toes---that's fucking brilliant. Thank you for that too.