Sunday, June 15, 2008

anti summer

Summer is upon us. We work like fiends,
--Angie, Bent, Spencer and I. Working and swimming a bit and mostly keeping each other sane. We try to ignore the light outside, so bright we can hear it.

And at the end of the day too tired to do much more than put our feet in the water.
We make some cooler, darker, damper and more visceral things, exploring their spaces and ours.
Here are some bits of work in progress.
Like diving into cool water, sometimes we dive into dark places, don't we?
I'm thinking such explorations under the surface could help us better understand light.
Now we are swimming.



FabulousLorraine said...

The light comes at 5:30am these days, and the days are too full to get everything done.

Swim, in the dark and the light.

Miss you, Girl!

lisa said...

Eventually, as everything is, I'll call and tell you I can't take it anymore and I'll be on my way to see you again.

Tonight, when the sun finally stops hammering us, I'll swim in the dark and send you good thoughts. Miss you too.

Carl V. said...

Oh my, I love the hands!!! I had never considered anything like that. I may have to take a few of my collection and have some fun with them.

I think if I lived in your climes I would have to find a way to combine the pool with the workshop! ;)

lisa said...

Carl: absolutely! I'd love that. I think everyone else would too, so if you hack some hands, send photos I can post. It's the true maker spirit.

p.s. this goes too for everyone who has some 'blanks' floating around

lisa said...

Oh, and Carl: Orion and I just got out of the water. It's 8:10 pm and 102 degrees F. yay.

June Gloom Poppets are coming...

Carl V. said...

Good lord!!!!

I know I'm pretty pathetic in my constant fascination with how you or any of the other millions of people who choose to can live in a place with those kind of temps, but I do delight in my feelings of awe and wonder at the indomitable human spirit!!!