Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Light, Plants, Spiders, Ouch and the Elusive Hat

What's going on today.... We are overrun with spider plants. How does this happen? It happens because your artist tends to be slightly anthropomorphic about things like poppets and plants. Hard to believe, isn't it?

What to do. I don't have the heart to abandon a single one. And these things are the rabbits of the plant world.

Likely a party is in in which everyone goes home with a basket.
Poppet helps me survey the situation. But we don't last long. It's mid-day and the light is blinding. I can describe the heat, but really, you can't understand it without the experience.

a closer look at our friend.

Quite bright inside too.

Poppet is bombarded by a storm of

strange light.
Not to worry. None of us were harmed, but we stood blinking for some time after.
Note to self: order more goggles
I continue to work intensely on projects that fall outside my comfort zone. The work is fun and mind-bending. The physical toll is not fun and actually quite sucky.
I'm thinking, as I'm standing there trying to brush my teeth by moving my head instead of my arms, that likely it's time to take a break.
Nearly time. I'm having way too much fun. Yes, I am a sad case.

And lastly, I could use a bit of help. I'm trying to find a top hat, extra large( to fit Pete's head) to geek /hack into costuming for High Sierra Music Festival. So far our efforts have resulted in well, increased wariness of ebay purchasing of hats and little else. I'm happy to purchase and/or trade for Poppets, and/or to return the hat complete with it's strange improvements.
Anyone got any good top hat resources?

Back to the laboratory, er, studio.


Holly said...

have you tried discount bridal stores or costume shops?

there is also this:

ravyn said...

Check out Hats in the Belfry- i got the basic top hat for a Death costume a few years ago, but it was too large for my head, LOL. The basic one (not extra tall) is $38. The taller ones are more expensive, but i liked the basic one better for me.

Suzanne said...

I've ordered top hats from before. I got the squire style in XL, and it fit my husband's super-gigantic head. They're a good source for lots of odds and ends useful for costuming. :)

lisa said...

you all are brilliant and I don't know what I was thinking not asking you first.

or why I'm still awake at this hour...

anyway, thank you! I'll let you know where it goes from here

ravyn said...

oh and just saw this today, courtesy of the Steamfashion LJ Community: wool felt top hat

Rubius said...

love the spider plant pix. I can't abandon them either.

"And these things are the rabbits of the plant world" ... exactly.

Strange Light indeed. I hope the poppet gets some new goggles too. ;-)

lisa said...

Thanks everyone! We actually did find one that we can modify into what we need. I'll get some photos up when we're done.

Carl V. said...

Very fun pics, I especially enjoy the angles of the 2 of Poppet in the plants. The way they are shot gives them such personality and life.

lisa said...

Thanks all. We found a hat. Spencer is creating a circuit board for it as we speak.

I've been sending friends home with spider plants.

And Poppets.

We'll see what happens.