Sunday, September 09, 2007

Simple humans, Zeitgeist and Playing

This weekend my daughter Alison visited. I was ever so happy to see her arrive and very sad to see her go. Afterwards I very thoroughly cleaned the kitchen, a coping technique I've used so often its edges are smooth. It's a method of tricking my mind into feeling in control, when really it wants to rail against things I can't control---like the geography that separates me from those I love.
It's a common practice that links me to millions of other humans who employ the same sort of behavior. After all, when it comes right down to it, we're awfully alike in lots of ways.
I might feel alienated at times, that's true. My philosophies and lifestyle tend to distance me a bit from 'normal' society. Still, I find some comfort in considering those things we humans share in common, like the connections to our children, or those things we as a culture share, like when I catch myself humming "spider-pig...spider-pig."

I watched Zeitqeist, The Movie a few days ago. That same point---that people have more in common than they tend to believe--was one of the aspects of the movie I appreciated.

It's a controversial film. You could call it the 'conspiracy theory film of all time' if you wanted. I wondered, watching it, whether my favorite rubric (the truth is in the middle) would apply.

I discovered that it didn't so well on individual points. On some subjects, we have to choose our sides. But overall, 'a grain of salt' seems appropriate.

The production values are very good. Almost too good. At times, I felt the music and images were manipulative. It's not an amateur film. Still, there are no credits to be found for producer or director. I emailed the address on the site to ask why the anonymity. I can theorize, but would like to know. After all, who financed this thing seems very relevant. I certainly pay attention to who the sponsors are for newscasts ever since news broadcasts became entertainment.
Still, unlike other such projects, this one is available free of charge. The DVD can be purchased for $5 ($2) shipping. I got a courteous enough auto response that promised a reply as soon as possible. I'll keep you posted.

I suppose what I might say about Zeitgeist is that you must watch with an open mind. You know---Poppet-Like.
Don't blindly accept or discount.

It's for thinking about. And researching. I can't find a thing wrong with that.

If you'd like to start a discussion about the film, ping Carl on The Machine. I certainly would like to hear opinions about it, and have a few comments of my own.

I'm glad you like the black Poppets! I knew I'd be offering them for Halloween, and thought to ease up the shipping load for October by letting some people go ahead and get theirs now. They went much faster than I expected, so if you didn't get one, don't worry. I'll do my best to get some more up before the holiday.

Orion and I have been playing Mario Car this weekend. I think I may be getting a thumb blister. Sheesh. Even now, typing this, I have the slightly dizzying sensation that I'm still flying around curves. I keep thinking I'm a grown up, then we play and I behave in ways much too silly for someone of my , ahem, age and dignity. Still, if I can make Orion roll on the floor laughing, how bad can it be?

One day, in the far distant future, when I'm old and useless and have no responsibilities, I dream the kindness of my children will provide me with chewable food, good drugs and a kick-ass gaming system.

I wish everyone a good week to come.



Carl V. said...

I'll have something up soon, I promise. I'll trust everyone to a bit of self moderation on it for awhile as I'm gonna be swamped this week. Just a bit more work to get the computer back up and running like its supposed to and I'll get something up on P.P. The Machine will grind on! :)

Dan Guy said...

I too clean thoroughly to cope and regain equilibrium.