Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby Logan and California Skies

Video is a new feature on Blogger. Let me know if this file works for you. It seems to be doing fine on this end. Our day yesterday looked a lot like this:

Simple Saturday. Thought you might enjoy photos of our first visit with Logan and some of the views along the way. Usually, the southern California skies look like a blue -painted canvas. But not today.

It was a good day. The views were accompanied by Pink Floyd and Bad Religion.

I'll save these photos for Logan.

It'll be like time travel.

For me, it already is.


ravyn said...

ooooooooh, beautiful cloud photos! (and cute bebeh pics, hehe)

Rubius said...

very nice pics and vid. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the cypress sky pic, looks like a painting.

Rubius said...

btw the vid worked for me (on both mac and pc)

and I love the mastadon. Now we just need to have a pic with both the mastadon and a poppet... so we can have a proper prehistory of the poppets and the neanderpoppets (which I am sure got along great with the mastadons)

Carl V. said...

Very, very good day, from the looks of it. I prefer the clouds, they look lovely!

Dan Guy said...

Adorable baby, and a very cute family.