Monday, January 29, 2007


I was wrong.

These days have been very much like boot camp. This is the end of number four and we are all tired, a bit irritable and frankly, getting a bit weird, the way people can get weird on long road trips in close quarters.

Ravyn and I haven't been 'outside' since Thursday.

Projects get like this sometimes. Deadlines can change weekends into marathons, with pockets of rest and food at irregular intervals determined only by exhaustion and hunger.

At this point I am feeling a bit stretched, thinned-out and sort of translucent.

But sometimes this is how the work is.

In the end, we will have work to show and the satisfaction of having survived another marathon of studio work.

After some rest, we'll each declare it was worth it.



Dan Guy said...

Those long, weird, strentched-thin, close-quarters times are always among the ones I look back upon most fondly, I think. After enough time has passed to dim the irritation and gloss the highlights.

Craig Steffen said...

Grad school was much the same for me. We'd have periods of weeks or months of hard work for long hours, and then relatively relaxed periods. In a wierd perverse way, I miss it.

Chris said...

Your long studio days have certainly produced some incredible work though. Those are beautiful! I particularly love the bottom left photo. I can't wait to see it all!

Carl V. said...

For what its worth the sacrifices that all of you are making are resulting in some amazing art. Really like the 'flying poppet'.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Any time I see one of the little fox masks pop up anywhere, my heart skips a beat. Something very quiet, yet mischievous, yet predatory about them.

Mim Smith Faro said...

Absolutely love the poppetier in the first photo!

We call that itchy, crazed feeling punch drunk here at our house. Sometimes the most amazing stuff comes out of those sessions.

lisa said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, it has been a bit like school again, or the week before an FDA inspection in the labs I worked in years ago. It doesn't really matter what field you're in, when you have a deadline, sometimes you have to forget about what time it is and just do the work until it's done. Carl--glad you saw Pan's Labyrinth. Nice review on your site (I can't add the link for some reason---please post it for us?) Ravyn has peeked out from the studio. Nearly time to get back to work.

Quixotic said...

Loving the glimpses at the results of all the hard work. Seriously captivated by the poppetinnamask.

Carl V. said...

Thanks Lisa, here is the link to the Pan's Labyrinth review for people to cut and paste: