Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bon Chance

Thought you might enjoy a look at the wheel before installation into the Fortune Teller's box. This project has become known as 'the song that never ends' in the studio. Still, as it begins the final descent into physical being, I begin to
'feel' it. Sort of like having someting a little blurry come into focus, and sort of like shifting a burden to a more comfortable position and sort of like getting turned on, all in one.

A day of that takes the 'suck' right out of even the most tedious of projects.

We were gifted with some very old, very strange picture molding we're told was made in Belgium. It has a weird sort of water lilly design and bone-like border. Ben works to restore it. There's not enough for the Fortune Teller box, so we'll mold and cast the balance. Work, but now that we've seen this stuff, nothing less will do.

Ravyn is coming out tomorrow. We'll be working on the website and in the studio. A lot. I told her to prepare for a no-frills weekend. Not exactly boot camp, but lots of work. Then again, Ben will make a big pot of his famous monster chili on Friday. All is not lost.

And, there will be brownies.


Carl V. said...

That's great, love "Don't eat the dumplings". Look forward to seeing it installed as well.

Quixotic said...

Loving the wheel - looks great.

Monster chili sounds awesome, am hungry now!

Gravityslave said...

The wheel looks beautiful! What are the dimensions of it?

Good luck on all your work: may today prove productive as bunnies! :-)