Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Hours

Twelve hours after my last post, Ravyn was homeward bound and Pete and I were on our way to the park with Orion. It was a day with wind and a few cold sprinkles---not so great for a picnic but just fine for soccer balls, slides and remote control cars. Pete snapped me with his cell phone.

Tomorrow the gallery will be open for "Romantics", which was the theme for lots of the studio work this past month.

Tonight is time for putting our feet up, smoothing the fur of a somewhat reproachful and ignored cat and, of course, catching up on My Name Is Earl for which I'm ever so grateful to have been introduced. It's warm fuzzy socks for my brain.

Here are a couple of previews from the new work:

"Little Something" by Ben Warren

"Foppet's Poppet" a collaboration
by Ravyn and Lisa

"Sympatico" Poppet by Lisa


Dan Guy said...

Love "Sympatico"!

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...


Sympatico is truly poetic and reflective. (Pun intended?)

Foppet's Poppet is cute, and cool, and expands upon the poppet mythology ever-so-slightly.

And Ben's "things" are as unusual as ever.

Seems to have been a productive and creative weekend. Nice work you guys.

Carl V. said...

Great! I especially like Sympatico.

Quixotic said...

Am totally enamoured with Sympatico. Totally.

Foppet's Poppet is also very cool.

Chris said...

Sympatico is amazing! There's something just so damn cute about those poppets. I want a hundred of them :) Can't wait to see the gallery.

K said...

I know, everyone else has said it already... but "Sympatico" is wonderful...

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...


I crane my neck, and there you are.
I see in you, so much of me.
You hover high, my private star,
Within your eyes, my destiny.

From whence you came, I’ll never know,
But on that day, my heart was yours.
Thy face, so bright, all gentle glow,
With flawless skin, and tiny pores.

But hark! Please know, my gaze shall not,
In sleep or rest, drift from thine own.
Let all ill suitors be forgot,
And leave us here, we two, alone.

Let planets spin, or grind to halt.
Care not if skies fade blue to black.
Whilst oceans parch to silt and salt,
My love for you shall never lack.

While castles cascade into dust,
I pray this peace shall never stop…
This stare we share, the two of us;
Our eyes eternally shall—


Oh wail and cry! Alas! Alack!
Just as I raised my lips to kiss,
You burst apart as if attacked.
You’ve left me all alone… what’s this?

Oh lovely string within my hand,
Thou have not yet forsaken me?
Oh, fine and most well-woven strand,
My grip shall never set thee free.