Friday, January 26, 2007

Studio Day

A busy day in the studio and we are all tired. I smell chocolate. It's not my imagination. I made brownies tonight, with little balls of cookie dough hidden in the mix, with a layer of roasted pecans on top, on the assumption that there's an extra gallon of milk in the studio fridge.
There had better be.

Ravyn is here.
Ben is here.
I'm surrounded by evil.

Ravyn is learning to make molds. We hope to have a Ravyn sculpture to show by the end of the visit.

It's not quite as weird as it looks. It's mostly that I have hands that will both fit into the back of Jack's head at the same time, with which to screw a tiny nut onto the end of the tiny bolt that makes his fingers wiggle.

Lots of good work was done today. Lots of ridiculous things were said. We are all tired. Time for brownies with nuts. Time for My Name is Earl.



Alys Sterling said...

Um. You realise I'm going to have to make brownies now.

Carl V. said...

Holy crap!!! Brownies with cookie dough inside. You've got to tell me how to do that properly so that I can beg my darling wife to whip up a batch. Please!!!!

Hello Ravyn, good to see your smiling face!

Chris said...

Yeah, I agree with Carl..that recipe needs to come out!

Studio day looks like fun! May lots of beautiful things come out of it as they always do I'm sure.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

"Surrounded" by evil? Hmmm...

I prefer to think of you as the eye of an evil hurricaine. You seem all serene and innocent, but really you are the axis upon which the other evil elements revolve, and cause much (creative) distruction. After all, without the gooey Lisa center, how else would the two great tastes of Ben and Ravyn have been mashed together?

Talk about mixed metaphors. I'm going to go eat candy bars in my storm shelter. Oh wait, I can't have candy bars (or brownies with effing cookie dough in them) as my cholesterol and triglyceride levels have just recently been revealed to be high enough to fell a hearty robust elephant.

I love Earl. NBC finally has a funny Thursday night line-up I can get behind again.

Dan Guy said...

When you continually find yourself surrounded by evil, eventually you have to stop and ask yourself, "What is it about me that attracts these people?"

Carl V. said...

I've told many, many people about these brownies. I hope when things calm down you'll give us the secret.