Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little unexpected things, as thinking how much I need a new journal for sketches and finding one in the mailbox only moments after.
It was 112 degrees today.
Even now, nearly midnight, the ground is still very warm.
Time for swimming.


3rdEyeMuse said...

what a perfect first page for the serendipitous journal. :)

ravyn said...

Lisa, my sister was here this weekend with her daughters for a visit. The girls ignored the art except to ask if *i* made all the paper dolls i have here (LOL). The youngest (age 6) saw some Poppet images on my computer screen and asked, what are those red things? When i told her, Poppets, she said, Mom doesn't like Poppets much. (but apparently the daughter doesn't mind). But my sister *did* see the painting you made for me, the rat-me with long braid, cowboy hat and raven companion. She liked it :-)

Anonymous said...

maybe, perhaps, possibly you could start selling prints of these sketches? They are just amazing.

Benton Warren said...

I agree Lisa! These pics you're doing ;ately are just wonderful!
Love you!