Monday, July 13, 2009


Many years ago I read a classic science fiction story. I remember reading the story---I read it as I sat on the bank of a pond while my dad fished for our supper. (what? I said it was a classic)
I even remember some of the visuals in my head. But I don't remember the name of the story or the author.

I've tried to look it up, but I don't know enough to create a decent search. So, tell me if this sounds familiar:

Astronauts are traveling from one planet to another. Told from the perspective of one of them (not sure on this detail) it seems that at a certain distance from the planet they left, each of the astronauts experiences great clarity, vision and peace. Then, immediately upon entering the influence of the planet they're traveling to, all their previous fears and mental blocks return.

Does this ring a mental bell with anyone?


Sanshiree said...

try ray bradburys the illustrated man. idk, if thats the one you're looking for. ( :

Stacey said...

2001 also contains scenes of Space Euphoria, but I don't think that's the one you mean, because I think I've read the story you're talking about.

Actually, a number of space authors have written about this phenomenon, which was pure speculation before space travel, but confirmed by astronauts in the 60s and 70s as something that they felt they experienced on their missions. As such, it might be difficult to track down logically, unless you remember more details to the story.

If you do, Goodreads would be a great place to make your inquiry. There are "help me ID..." threads on there, and the participants are very helpful in solving mysteries like this.

lisa said...

thanks! I recall it as being a sort of sinister presence---less like a euphoria and more like a lack of mind-control in the center, between the planets. I almost want to say the astronaut said he could feel the presence grabbing hold again---in my mind's eye I see tendrils

3rdEyeMuse said...

I don't know the story, but soooo want to read it!

Robert said...

psst. esty wants another Monet poppetssss.

lisa said...

My plan is to keep it in the back of my mind, not the front, loosely so it can breathe. If I leave it alone, possibly other bits will find their way back.

Oh, the sweet and evil Robert. Ideed more Monet. Other's too. We are planning a little tribute to the Masters for August! It should be fun.

Loraine said...

I haven't read it, but the concept makes sense- at this point I wouldn't mind being a billion miles away, especially if it means I can think clearly. As long as I could get back.

Stacey said...

I'll keep it in mind too. I've read a lot of space fiction over the years. Lots of books and short stories that had these elements, but it's either not coming to me, or I've not read the one to which you are referring. Clearly the one I referenced above is not the one. I'm remembering euphoria, not menace.

Craig Steffen said...


If you want an answer, (rather than to experience the journey of researching this), I presume you've asked Mr. Neil about this? My impression is that he's obnoxiously well-read. Hell, he may have interviewed the author during his short stint as a journalist.

If you want the really big guns, ask him to post the question to his blog. It worked for _The Winter of Enchantment_, and that's now back in print again after like 30+ years.


Carl V. said...

"space euphoria"...immediately makes me think of 'space madness' which inevitably takes my mind to Ren and Stimpy! I'm so easily amused.