Sunday, May 17, 2009

A train, a book, water, two boys and poppets

This weekend I made a steam locomotive Poppet.

It looks like this.


I made another Poppet reading.

Eventually, we all must read Lewis Carroll. How
could we understand a thing if we didn't?

It looks like this.


I did a lot of other things too that I didn't take photos of, including watching Orion and Max sit by the pool eating ice cream sandwiches with joyful abandon and without a care in the world.

That image is safely put away in the room in my head where I put important things.

I spent some time underwater, where it was quiet.

I hope your weekend was good. I hope you move through the coming week on your own steam---if not, I hope you can find some here and there.



ravyn said...

i've been deep in the Balticon Art Show, and making two Steampunk costumes for the convention. So far still going under my own steam :-)

Robert said...

That locomotive is awesome!

K said...

And the Alice poppet is wonderful. You're so right about Carroll. I'm sure Alice was responsible for making me the person I am today...

Actually, it appears the process of Aliceification seems to have started quite early. Now if anyone knows the way out of this rabbit hole...

Benton Warren said...

Hell yeah Lisa, moving forward under full steam! The Etsy store is looking great and the new work is awsome as always. I wish I was under cool clear water but my pool is such a loverly shade of Jade I think I'll just let it be for a while. But the next time I come over I'll be bringing a pair of trunks!

Janet said...

I'm hoping you'll do a Tolkien reading Poppet :-) Or even JK Rowling...