Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sun Outside, Poe Inside

Today is the first truly hot day of the year.
It's actually scarier than it sounds.

Already the shades have been going up and, following true, more this year than last.

In the summer, when the kids are out of school, we'll shift the studio hours so that we're closed during the hottest hours of the day. This will save some energy.

Poppet and raven read Poe.

Poe's Poppet

Truly we hope that sometime this year we'll make the switch to solar power for the studio.

Today I stood very still for a few moments, watching waves of heat shimmering off the decking outside, feeling the approach of another summer.

Some work was done these last few days. Don't know if the titles will line up with the pieces, but you'll match them up.

"Turn it off, read a book."

It's the weirdest thing, living here in a desert with goth sensibilities. But it's an odd juxtaposition of opposites that creates an energy, maybe a specific one.
I hear children in the pool. That means the water is shaded now, and calling. ---------Later

"Saffron" carousel tiger


spacedlaw said...

Lovely carousel tiger.

ravyn said...

This comment is a few posts too late, but that's the nature of inspiration, LOL. i've been stressing over a lot of things in my life lately, and sometimes i'll go over things in my mind that haven't happened yet, trying to anticipate.

This morning i realized what i was doing (well, again), and told myself rather firmly,"STOP MAKING BAD THINGS IN YOUR HEAD!"

i'm gonna print that out and put it somewhere to remind me more often :-)

Syd said...

ravyn, you do that too? I'd say it's nice to have company in the boat (so to speak), but really, I'd rather that boat be empty! The printout sounds like a great idea.

I adore Poe. That poppet bears watching...

ravyn said...

Syd, i do that so much that i'm barely aware of it anymore. i have a lot of retraining to do, LOL.