Sunday, May 10, 2009

shimmer and shine

We could keep it light today. Think good thoughts. Put darkness in a box for a while and air ourselves out in the sunshine.
It cleanses the mental palette, its rooms of cobwebs and dust, making space for things that will serve us in dark places ahead.
We could feel the wind, the water, the music, the laughter.

We could do this. Pull out of the subroutine and come up for air.

We could look around ourselves, examine what we see free of the moorings of past and future, free of assigned values.
This exercise requires effort, as any beneficial exercise would.
As with any exercise, it's important to breathe.

It's helpful to remember that whatever costume a Poppet may put on, including board shorts, Poppets are still Poppets.

Poppets are always watching.

Silly humans!


Loraine said...

Love Ben Harper. Think I'll put some on. :)

jjterlouw said...

Board shorts? Does this mean that we can finally see whether or not Poppets have toes?????

Dan Guy said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I must see this poppet in board shorts. I am now obsessed with the idea of poppet toes.

lisa said...

sorry guys. for now, the mystery remains.

Rebecca said...

My brother is, for some reason, terrified of Poppets. Naturally, as any older sister would, I enjoy taking advantage of this occasionally. Even better, his girlfriend also likes poppets, and likes occasionally tormenting him with them. And my brother used to surf. So of course I had to send that picture on to both of them.