Friday, April 24, 2009

More New stuff from the SOS

I like reading it, every few years, building upon the impressions and memories I've collected from previous readings. Still, sometimes I wish I could read it again for the first time.

Do you?

So many books, so little time...silly humans!

We're putting new stuff up all weekend on the ebay store. (Yes, we've been having too much fun.)

Poppet Honors Gaia
Bell Jar: Brain Food

Today was a battle of ego. Not the word 'ego' as misused to mean 'vanity,' but the ego, the one and original, of SELF.
It is difficult, with casualties and tears. Of course it's difficult---that's why they call it a battle.

Worry can be a catalyst for this focus on self---this feeling of the world on one's shoulders--likely that is the culprit in this particular instance. Still, it was a battle, not a war.

Funny thing about these powerful, intensely personal battles with ourselves---we all do it. Just like the epiphany---everyone thinks their own are special.

Same, samey same.

Kind of undoes the entire point of the battle. Hmm. Could'a thought of that sooner. So I made myself a little sign for next time that says "Same, samey same."

Anyway. The above resulted in the little bell jar, and the Poppet honoring Gaia.

Now back to the cave for photography. Our little fire-proofed Reading Poppet tells me she is ready for her close up. *

* updated photo at top



Stacey said...

Noe wai. "Fire-proofed?" Does that mean what I think it means?

DavidK said...

Fire and reading... brings to mind Ray Bradbury.

Love the Brain noshing down on a select diet of precision-crafted gears. That'll keep it humming along smoothly.

WV: glyspree - the smallest sail at the very tip of the bow on the victorian-era three-mast sailing ship

Stacey said...

*happy sigh*

I love Fahrenheit 451, one of my favorite books ever, and the second most personally influential book I've ever read. (First was Dune.)

Like you, I've read it many times, and like you, I wish I could read it again for the first time. It's sitting on my desk currently, (I used it as a photo prop just yesterday,) but I think I'm going to read it right after I finish a fairy story I'm currently enjoying.

cmw said...

"So many books, so little time."

Story of my life.

3rdEyeMuse said...

Bell Jar: Brain Food ... has me speechless. I find it incredible.

jordan's mom said...

Oh. Have I ever told you that (after Mighty Mouse) my first Great Love was Oskar Werner? First I saw "Shoes of the Fisherman" and then "Farenheit 451", and I was a goner. Bought the book and read and reread it. Wrote my first Fan Letter. Got a lovely note back from Lichtenstein.

You're killing me here, Lise.

wv - "dinge" Either a smallish, grungy-looking boat, or the state of my hair when it needs washing...

jordan's mom said...

Right. The Word Verification that came up next really deserves its very own comment -

"slorsac" I know what images are swimming around in my head; I leave it to each of you to supply your own definitions

Neon said...

I just LOVE that poppet!
I was part of an art project once based on 451 where all the participants learnt a book/play/poem etc and came together in a local public square and walked and recited the piece we had memorised.
It really rocked.
I, of course, memorised my favourite parts of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas :)