Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clouds Get in My Way

Oh I wish it would rain...

Feeling gloomy in the sun is no good.

Poppets can be awfully good company on
days like this.

I'm going to the studio, where the outside world can
go away for a little while and I can make things.

It's what I do on days like this, when there are clouds on the inside.

What about you? What do you do when inside doesn't agree with out?


David Niall Wilson said...

Well, I write, of course...hope the clouds disperse.

Miss Bliss said...

I too hate it when the insides and the outsides are out of wack...I tend to go into the writing cave...or I disappear into a book.

Stacey said...

I spend some time on photo projects, which generally helps me find the light, instead of the glare. Of course it is raining here today, just enough.

Feeling gloomy in the sun is feeling gloomy in the sun. The sun doesn't automatically mend all that is cloudy in our hearts. It can help, when it's soft sunlight and warm breezes, but the glare of mid-day sometimes shows us more than we are ready or equipped to deal with at the moment.

At least, that's the way it is with me.

I hope you get done what you need and want to - inside and out. I hope the poppets are exactly as good company to you today as you wish them to be.

cmw said...

I hide in my office, yellow and blue, until it all seems better.

Loraine said...

I write, too. lot. Sometimes I paint, if I have room to make a mess. And sometimes I cook. I make up my own recipes. It keeps me from hanging out in front of the fridge, snacking on everything.

Drinne said...

You all sound so much more functional than I am. I hide. I fight so hard through the slog when that happens that all my energy goes to making sure that the house and the people in it don't fall apart. I become overwhelmed and surf the news, which doesn't help. I shut all non-essential things down until I'm back in control.

I've got some fail safes now - I will bring in maid service when I get like that so that it doesn't become a worse problem. (the messier the house the more depressed), I've told the others in the house to force me to go out, or bring people in.

But I do not create when I am like that - I'm afraid to let the reasons come out and take a shape where they can be seen.

This last weekend was the first time I've written through an experience while I was in it, possibly ever. It feels dangerous, and very exposed - and very public.

But it wasn't the interior gloom I was writing through, it was something far more active. I probably never would have even done that if I hadn't started to blog.

I think I'm still trying to figure out what I do when I'm gloomy on the inside and things are bright on the outside, possibly because feeling that way is newer to me and I wasn't expecting it at this late date.

WV is equander - verb defining the act of figuring out whether or not you dare to eat a peach.

cyllan said...

You are all MUCH more productive than me. I shut all the curtains and put in a movie that has lots of the weather I would rather be having.

I agree with Stacey that mid day is so harsh. Morning and evening have more interesting light...softer, kinder, sort of in-between feeling.

DavidK said...

I do a bit of emotional re-engineering. Turns out the brain's as stupid as the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, and if it thinks it's happy, it is.

Over the years I've noticed that certain songs, when stuck in my head, change my mood. So, if I'm feeling down, I force one of those to get stuck, by playing a few other songs, and then the song I want to get stuck. To help it stick, I play it once, and then half-way through again and stop. My brain doesn't know it stopped (there's that stupidity thing again!) and usually keeps replaying it.

This doesn't always work, but surprisingly often it does. Unfortunately, the songs that may help to change your mood may not be songs that you like very much... for me they tend to be songs from summers when I was around 10 or so - mid-70s - and bubblegum pop isn't something I'm always willing to endure. It's all about linking a past emotional state to a trigger, and then tripping the trigger again. However, YMMV.

WV: desses - in the late 1600s, small bands of roving thugs, usually found near waterfronts, that kept the peace by violent means

sylvia said...

I need somewhere to hide.

Benton Warren said...

Hmmm... What do I do when I'm feeling gloomy? Man! That really happens so rarely to me! I'm usually more the opto-mystic oil floating psychedelically on the gloomy waters of bitter reality slowly poisoning the hating little fishes swimming and snipping around beneath me. Mmm... Bitter little hater fish... I'm getting hungry. I guess what I like to do when I'm gloomy is cook. Hungry Lisa?

lisa said...

ok. You seem to have it covered on all fronts. what I ended up doing is spending some 'escape' time in the studio. Tonight, it's to watch a dvd of "The Day the Earth Stood Still." Love the original. This will be good----will either like it, or will like playing Mystery Science
Theater 2000.

WV: yarels: what's left on the floor after shaving your favorite yak