Monday, April 13, 2009

New Study in Yellow

This was a truly warm day, a first portent of what lies ahead. Yesterday we hid eggs, cooked, ate way too much chocolate. There were kids running amuck. There were sticky Peeps with beady black eyes.

Today was mostly for catching up. Tomorrow will be for more catching up. Yes, your artist is playing whack-a-mole again. Sheesh.

so, a few notes, to catch up with you...

The Little Yellow Poppet, never before seen, has appeared. She makes me feel happy, a study in yellows, like pen and ink illustrations in books I remember fondly.

Pierrot has reappeared, done up in the same layered painting style, so that he looks most excellent with the new theater Poppet Marcelle and in the plethora of new masks we're busily working on for the whole troupe.

It seems I'll be Artist G of H at the World Fantasy Convention in October. I'll put up a link as soon as the information is posted on their site (my fault, yes. they're waiting for me to send stuff) but in the meantime, the convention is in San Jose and has limited membership, so here is your early notice.

And finally, I thought you might like this line from the Isak Dinesen story titled "Sorrow Acre."

The thin grey line of a road, winding across the plain and up and down hills, was the fixed materialisation of human longing, and of the human notion that it is better to be in one place than another.


Anonymous said...

This little yellow poppet has an aura of hope and is perfect!

mv said...

Yellow is warmth. Charming!

The good memories create yellow longings, that make us follow the thin grey line to the better place to stay.

Drinne said...

Yellow to me is Van Gough - I'll never forget the first time I saw the Starry Night in person, it was like sculpture with paint. No one used yellows better than Van Gough.

But my god - the paint, it's like he attacked the pallet, you could feel the intensity of his movement. You can feel the movement of the sky roiling.

I have a print of Irises in a yellow vase of his, I have not yet seen it in person. While I loved his art to some extent in print, I never felt it until saw it live.

Congrats on the GOH! Somehow I managed to avoid ever going to Worldcon in my magazine editing days : )

David Niall Wilson said...

They yellow poppets are indeed bright and sunny and fun. Very appropriate in a post mentioning peeps :)

Carl V. said...

It is a sunny day here, after several days of gloom and rain, and the day actually feels spring-like. It is so good to have that feeling penetrate the office by looking at the pictures of your 'new study in yellow'. Heart-warming and smile-inducing!

Congratulations on being named the Guest of Honor at the World Fantasy Con! I'm so happy for you and my, of course, unbiased opinion is that they couldn't have made a better choice!