Friday, February 29, 2008

Orion in the Middle. Poppets are Marching

Orion and Mimi play "Green Eggs and Ham" with help from Gurtie, of course.

Ravyn arrived today. Already he's claimed her for a bit of Wii Play.
Ravyn and Orion Mii.
Ravyn demonstrates Wii billiard technique with the real thing.
Poppets are on the March. I've begun to list the March Poppets in the store.I'll be adding pieces throughout the weekend. Even tonight, we'll be working on Foppets, so we may be able to get some freshly created ones up as well.


vandaluna said...

Yeah, Orion's gonna kick Ravyn butt on the Wii! ::snicker::

Go Orion!!

Carl V. said...

Love the bookshelves! People's bookshelves/libraries and their art/photography/writing studios bring out the voyeur in me every time.

lisa said...

Carl: Yeah. I love the bookshelves too. There's some good stuff on those shelves, collected over the years of my life, Pete's life, and our time together. I always wanted to live in a part-library, part-garden environment. I discovered recently that this is exactly where I live, and it happened sort of on its own. go figure.

lisa said...

vandaluna: yup! Indeed he did. They had a great time and filled the house with insane giggling for days. It was great

Dan Guy said...

Orion's Mii is so cute.

I love bookshelves, and pics of bookshelves when I can enlarge them enough to read the spines!