Friday, February 01, 2008

February Sale, Poppets Kissing video, Sourpuss

Here's a quick no-frills look at the kissing Poppets in action: In case of earthquake, kiss.

And a photo of a new Bent and Lisa Poppet collaboration series we're very excited about called "Monday Poppet and Sourpuss."

Pink is the New Black? Pfffuff. Whatever.

The Poppets Love February sale is up and running. The open edition Poppets are up and all of the ooak Poppets (5) as well. We'll be adding a few more pieces this weekend.

Yay! February!


Dan Guy said...

Kissing poppets! Awww.

K said...


Did you know that in French, magnets are called "aimants" - derived from "aimer", to love?

I find this somewhat ridiculous, but cool.

lisa said...

Cool K. I get the connection---I've felt it!

The kissing Poppets were specifically paired. We had fun playing with mismatched pairs with repellent forces.
Thought of keeping a set, calling them "Just try and kiss me"
...but, I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Was this one ever offered for sale? I love it, and would definitely buy one. It's cool and weird. -- Jonathan

kicki said...

Is the angry is new happy poppet for sale?

Want want want! :)


lisa said...

Kicki--That one sold in the Feb sale, but there will be more. A "Haute" version without a balloon will be up soon.