Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

When I woke this moning I found a Jelly Belly Rat, a very cool new coffee cup, Emergency Chocolate from (packaged just like an OTC drug.) There was a very interesting Strawberry and Pepper Dark Chocolate from and a vase of white roses.

Orion and I ate the Emergency Chocolate almost immediately. Pete asked what the emergency was. We replied that we'd unexpectedly come upon unopened chocolate.

I worked only a bit today in the studio and only then because I'm working on a piece I'm truly into. Today was for enjoying.

My sister phoned. It went sort of like this:

"Hey Sis, it's me."
"Hey you! How are you?"
"I'm fine. I'm here, at Mama's grave. I thought you'd like to be here with me."

"...well, no, actually. But gee Sis, thanks so much for the mental trip to the cemetary. I like that so much more than being here in the pool in the sunshine. Are you high? Go play with your grandmonsters. Tell them about the time Mom thought the squirrels were planning to take over our attic."

"Don't make me laugh, you idiot. There are people around. My mascara is running. I look like a lunatic."

"Good. My work here is done."

"Some things never change. Brat."

"Love you too."

This might have been a more appropriate time for the Emergency Chocolate bar.

The Hachez is the sort of chocolate one eats very slowly, and never before eight pm.


ravyn said...

Sooooooooo, your sister called so that you two could talk while she was standing at the grave, or to insinuate that you should have been there in corporeal form?

Just wondering. i should really go to sleep now, heh.

Ellen Datlow has posted some photos from the Nebula Awards weekend. This one looks like it has an interesting story behind the tantalizing caption, hee.

jordan's mom said...

Re: the Datlow photo -

Does this mean that, beneath that polished, Bronzed exterior, Harlan is really a Jelly Bean?

That would explain so much...