Tuesday, May 16, 2006


There is a curse decending upon Balticon. Or maybe it's the full moon. Possibly some other, unknown force is brewing?

All three and more have been offered up for my consideration. I considered, and the best candidate is that it's because I missed picking up some of the 300 or so tiny resin 'fiddly bits' I dropped on the studio floor yesterday.
I found them later with my foot, slipped, and now have a sprained wrist. In hindsight, I realize it might have been a good idea to drop the sculpture and catch me better.

So... that's two Balticon Guests with injuries. At least Malena was catching a kid. She's, well, sort of a hero. I, however, have only myself to blame-- and the laws of physics. But mostly just me. I have the grace of Wile-E-Coyote.

There are those among us who will disagree with my Cause and Effect theory. They will wait and speculate about what will go wrong next because these things tend to happen in threes. Hmmm. Is there power in threes? Anything is possible, but I'm still going with cause and effect on this one.

Neil Gaiman phoned (from his car) and ask me if indeed it's true I said I'm terrified when he drives.
I told him that it's well, not that I'm truly terrified, I guess---then, I did remember going quite fast over some hills (I think I said mountains---hills tend to look more mountains as one approaches the speed of light) and though I might not have called it terrified, I did notice that,well, I might've held on during a couple of turns. And, possibly I may have squeezed my eyes shut, tightly, maybe once. Then there was just the going very fast in a very small car part. So I said yes, I would say he is indeed very dangerous while driving.

ok thanks byebye

I mention this only because I have just become painfully aware of having set myself up perfectly for the Well, that may be, but I'm not particularly dangerous while walking -- that, sigh, will eventually follow. Though, likely, I have it coming.

I seem to be nearing the end of my patience with one-hand typing. Tomorrow I will dictate and someone else will type. Now to trade my softening bag of frozen peas for a nice bag of frozen turnips.

Well, good thing the art got finished.

Oh. I'm supposed to mention that copies of Strange Birds will be available at Balticon and that there is a signing scheduled for Gene Wolfe and myself at some time during the weekend.

ok then. got my ace support on, Naproxin coursing through my system. All is well. Still perhaps I'll light a little sage.....just in case.


Rubius said...

I am so sorry to hear about your wrist! That is hard, especially for an artist... is it your dominent hand? Do take care of it!!

Having broken a bone in my foot (once long ago) while walking in flat shoes, on a flat surface, on a sunny day... I must admit that I too am dangerous while walking (if only to myself).

I will do my very best to help you out at the Con. I am happy to be your 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand.

Your loyal liaison

P.S. looking forward to the book!!

ivenotime said...

Ouch, hope the sprain is a mild one and heals quickly - not like artists receive sick pay and disability! Looking foward to the book, (great review) and meeting everyone!

jordan's mom said...

Dear "Were Wrist",

Although Malena's and your respective injuries are certainly more exciting and glamourous, Ravyn and I will be hobbling around Balticon with our respective canes and walking sticks. And there's still a week to go... This Con could end up looking a bit like an urban E.R. reunion.

I believe that there might be other blog readers out there who would be interested in the genesis of the "were wrist". I know that my original encounter with it was somewhat disconcerting.

K said...

It is not a good year for wrists. My other half broke his a few months ago. Sympathy.

I have a theory that creative people are more accident-prone, perhaps because their minds are on more interesting things. My sister (architect) has a grand tally of two broken wrists - well, the same wrist, twice, several years apart; scars on the forehead from accidentally striking her head on things (also twice) and she nearly severed her finger with a craft knife once after a long day in the studio. This is not a good idea (the nerve down one side has never re-established, for one thing).

Hope yours gets better soon... at least no blood was involved.

Carl V. said...

Sorry to hear about your recent injury and I wish you a speedy recovery! Looking forward to Balticon reports, pics (please), etc.