Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Holy Hotcakes, Batman

It was 103F here today. I'm going to say this is what has me in such a somber mood. It's reason enough, in my mind.

LepreCon was a bit of a strain. The art show space was attractive and organized and the people running the convention were as terrific as always, but the logistics of dividing time between the convention and the Nebula awards weekend twenty miles away took its toll.
Still, it was good to see friends I don't see often and to see talented people rewarded.

The Harlan rat auction went very well. There is a story about a smack-down between Harlan and Ellen Datlow, involving paper bags and taking up collections from the audience which reportedly includes much comedy. I'm hoping someone who was there will give a full accounting for us.

I'm finishing up two male flyers, one commissioned months ago and one for Balticon. They are very different from each other and require oddly different types of concentration.

Orion and I did start diving yesterday. And, with sore muscles (me, not he with the rubber skeleton) more today. The water will be our refuge, once again. And our hair will be green.

I'm told I have a wildly creative mind.
The best thing about a wildly creative mind is that it's always going full tilt. The worst thing about a wildly creative mind is that it's always going full tilt.

Everything has a price.



Carl V. said...

The mere fact that you can be wildly creative in a place that is 103 in May is quite the testimonial to your talent and perseverance!!!

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Keep paying.
It's worth it for the most part.

jordan's mom said...

You know, it's just one small dyslexic switch between "LepreCon" and "LeperCon", but the gulf between the two must be vast...

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

First of all, one costs an arm and a leg to get into.


Thank you. Thank you.

No. Please.

It's what I do.

ravyn said...